LoRaGo DOCK - first impression

(Thelmer) #1

I just received a couple of LoRaGo DOCK gateways. I’m going to use it for development and testing when I’m out of range.

It’s a very compact 868MHz only Single channel gateway based on ESP8266, SX1276 and CP2102 (usb-serial) costing 20$.

The instructions on github is not 100% up-to-date with the actual software, eg. the configuration is in config.h and not ESP-sc-gway.h.

After installing the ESP8266 board drivers, the libraries and the CP2102 serial driver I got it up and running.

I will run some tests with my mDot and badgerboard and post them here.



Is there a purchase link for these? Thanks

(Jac Kersing) #3

Before people get too exited, these are SINGLE CHANNEL gateways. You should be able to use any of the ESP32 with lora boards listed on the forum for the same purpose.

(Thelmer) #4

Yes, it’s a single channel gateway and should really only be used for testing and development.

(Arjan) #5

The screenshots on that page seem to refer to an old version of @mw12554’s software. A new version can be found on:


Hi All,
I’ve tried to run this new version but my ESP are restarting in loop. Does any one have the same problem?

(Thelmer) #7

I just installed v5.0.1 of the software and it runs without problems.


Maybe we should start to call them what they actualy are. It’s a LoRaWAN-to-WiFi bidirectional bridge. Not a gateway :slight_smile:

(Eero) #9

Just, received LoRaGo DOCK V1.1
Plan to conf it to one channel GW for fun. Is ref. instruction good for learning?

I’m familiar with ESP8266 , Arduino IDE.


(Craig) #16

Yes, I’m using the LoRaGo DOCK with TTN. It’s running:

Uplink is working fine with ABP. I can’t say downlink is working all that well, so this could effect OTAA.

(Kramer92) #18

Can this card work as a node?


Yes, please read the description in the github link.

(Fmeylink) #20

got this one working with the code from sandbox:

don’t forget to update the libraries :slight_smile:

the only thing that i cannot get to work is using the internal sensors,
there is a payload dont know what it is and how to decode it.
anyone else ?