LoRaMac Node - where do I code to check for downlink message?

(Silas Valera) #1

Hi all

My LoRaMac node (EFM32PG with SX1276 module) works fine - thank you all again for your previous help and guidance!!

For the next functionality, I am trying to send the downlink to my node and want to code for checking the received payload. I am considering unconfirmed downlink payload to be sent to the node. Where can I call my custom RxMsgCheck() function from LoRaMac.c, could it be from function OnRadioRxDone()? please help

Thank you all in advance!

(Silas Valera) #2


I found the following example while searching:
And in the function: static void McpsIndication() - it controls the LED reading the received data.
I would expect that this would also work for me! I will give it a try to read the downlink message.

If anyone already tried this or anything different, would you please share / comment?