LoraMac. Only three chanels - how to make more?

Hi everyone!

I have stm32L072 chip and sx1272 lorachip.

I had developed a simple end-node device with stm32 lrwan library and endnode example for nucleo board.

Developed by Atollic True Studio.

Versions is: MAC_VERSION= and STM32CubeExpansion_LRWAN_V1.3.1

options that i had used to:

1)LORAWAN_ADR_ON - true;

2)Global define REGION_EU868;

3)server’s chanels list:

3.1) FIXED; (servers chanel default);

3.2) FIXED;

3.3) FIXED;

3.4) 867,1 MHz;

3.5) 867,3 MHz;

3.6) 867,5 MHz;

3.7) 867,7 MHz;

3.8) 867,9 MHz;
My firmware program is always send data by three chanels: 868,1MHz, 868,3MHz, 868,3MHz. How can I add the missing channels?

Have you defined REGION_EU868 or set a region in the LoRaMacInitialization function?

If I recall from a very short encounter, some of the IDE’s provide a choice in the project settings.

You’ll see region setup in the AT_Slave demo and in the LoRaWAN library basic pattern.

i have defined REGION_EU868 in global ptoperties of project