LoRaWAN Academy

(Remko) #1

Is there anyone following the student progress and postings in the LoRaWAN Academy?
There are unanswered questions in various weeks and assignment results posted by the students need to be evaluated.

(Laurens Slats) #2

Thanks for the heads up, we will keep an eye on the discussions.

(Laurens Slats) #3

Since the course is quite elaborate and we heard that many won’t be able to complete it before the conference, it stays online until February 18.

(Remko) #4

Good for me I am ready

(Barillaro) #7

Dear Laurens,

Some of us have finished the academy course but I am struggling to understand a couple of things with the course progress chart. When I see my course progress chart, it says I’ve got 78% which seems to be a pass but I don’t understand why I seem to have missed some sections and why this isn’t higher.

What are the “QA01” - “QA10" parts for which I have no results?

What is WK9-03? I don’t seem to be able to find that section, I have completed all of week 9 as far as I can see.

With best regards


(Hayesey) #8


yes it was me who asked that. I guess it’s not too important though now since we don’t have access to the course any more. Hopefully I’ll receive a certificate soon :slight_smile:

(Laurens Slats) #9

The maximum score possible is 78%. This is because some assignments and quizzes are still to be created; the course is still in development, hence the feedback forms :slight_smile:

I’m now in the process of reviewing everyone’s work. By the end of next week, all certificates should be sent out.

(Barillaro) #10

Thank you for all these clarifications!

(Kawillers) #11


regarding my course, progress is stuck at 8% (says: ‘Your final grade: 8%.’).

Gretings, Karin


at this moment, as far as I know, NO it’s not available online, separate from the conference.