LoRaWAN development kit, LORATECH node, Arduino UNO + Atmega node, Reduction board with POE (RPI, IC880A)

(Radek Vozák) #1

Hi guys,

we have one more news for LoRaWAN market - our own node from desingn to real product. It has also an RN2483 radio but big news is that setup (APPEUI, APPKEY, period for transmitting etc.) is stored on microSD card. So if you want to change configuration - no need to program this device - online generate new config, upload to miscroSD, reset this node and you are ready to connect with different settings.
Also power consuption in sleep mode is very unique - around 80 nA !
This node has profi sensor from bosh (pressure, temperature, humidity) + baterry voltage and status byte. I hope we will also do new version with Murata radio chip.

If someone is interested send me an email - vozak@rvtech.cz (our eshop is only in czech at the moment http://eshop.loratech.cz/).

Secret price of a LoRa gateway
LoRaWAN Arduino UNO - RN2483
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Hi guys,

if you want to easily begin with LoraWAN nodes we have something new. It has RN2483 radio + ATmega328p procesor. Inside is and Arduino UNO/NANO bootloader so it is really easy to begin if you are using Arduino library.
We also have version with RHF76 radio.

If someone is interested send me an email - vozak@rvtech.cz (our eshop is only in czech at the moment http://eshop.loratech.cz/).

(Radek Vozák) #3

Hi guys - we have just build and tested new board for RPI + IMST IC880A.
We think it is not really necessary tu buy GW for hundred of EURos.

IMST + RPI + BOARD + Aluminium case (RF Elements) + Taoglas antena 868MHz + N-N pigtail + U.FL - N pigtail + 1-2 hours of work and you are ready to go. We have now 20 GWs running in Pilsen (Czech Republic) and 1 in Prague from the end of 2016.

Our board has an RJ45 port with POE. You can use everything from 24 to 50V so it is ideal for ISP. (we are powering our Mikrotiks radio from central 24V POE box with good power source with UPS funktion + battery) or profi radios (like Alcoma, ATH from 48V boxes). Also instaling GW with 20-50m of FTPcable is very often needed on high smokestacks.

Design based on: https://github.com/ch2i/iC880A-Raspberry-PI from @Charles
Improvements: POE support up to 50V support (one POE + one LAN konektor on board), removing RMW95 from I2C bus (next revision), new voltage transformer

If someone is interested - send me an email - vozak@rvtech.cz.

(Radek Vozák) #4

News: RN2483 on board with pin out.

If someone is interested - send me an email - vozak@rvtech.cz.

(Jezd) #5

You say its not necessary to spend hundreds of euros on a GW yet your charging 550 euros (your website) for a basic IMST + parts solution.....what am I missing ?

(Radek Vozák) #6

Hi @jezd,
of course you can buy all those items for your own and it will be cheaper. I said, that we developed reduction board with POE for ISP (we did some changes on board from Charles) - so it is very quick to add all items together and run the gateway on site where we have 24-48V. And I thought it is ideal for TTN people, so I only posted items for development and not ready to sale items from our eshop.

GW from IMST ist only re-sale, also Kerlink.

But the thing is - we are building LoRaWAN networks for cities, hospitals, schools from A-Z. If someone buys gateway,nodes,HW or backend from us - we need to have much more stuff ready to use - warranty, we need to have people ready to go on place where something wrong, we need to have hotline if someone wants to activate device and if someone wants to develop new HW for LoRaWAN- we need to have access to research and prototyping. Everything together is lot of work and money - and it is added in price of end-nodes, gateways etc.

Regards. R

(Radek Vozák) #7

With our partner we have just made starter kit:

2ks LoRaWAN Arduino UNO
2ks antena 868Mhz
2ks contact field for 400 holes
2ks battery holder AA
2ks baterie Lithium 3.6V AA
1ks FTDI USB/UART flash module
1ks senzor temeprature/humidity DHT22
1ks modul with temeprature DS18B20
1ks set of cables




Nice modifications, but your gateway PCB design is inspirated from the one I designed here

It's fair enough when designing and improving things based from licensed open source projects to mention the original author and modifications made as the license says.
As a reminder, here what the license says


(Radek Vozák) #9

Hi @Charles - yes we bought one board from you. I thought It will be the solution for our problem (wires between RPI + IMST). But it was not so much helpfull. Bad voltage for us - 48V needed, no POE support, modul for RF95W must go away in next revision,there was no overvoltage protection - we added one, so we have to redesign this board for ISP usage - the result you see. If it is a problem for you - send me an email, we can discuss this subject, we can provide you POE revision. Also mention you is good point - sry for not doing it, we will do it here and also on web/blog. R

(Radek Vozák) #10

I have some more specification about our LORATECH node (configurable with microSD card). This node has profi sensor from bosh (pressure, temperature, humidity) + battery voltage and status byte. But the main thing: It wakes up with special circuit every minute (it can be set up in production). After that your config is taken from microSD card - conf. file. It is FAT32 filesystem.

OTAA - mode \space multiplikation 3 \space appkey \space appeui
ex: 0 003 690b470d0b3a6b556050f35b43c3667d 12ab6e4bb2e8a228
says: connect with mode 0 (OTAA), send data every 3 minutes, joing with APPkey 690b470.. and APEUI:12ab6e4bb2e8a228

ABP - mode \space multiplikation 3 \space devaddr \space nwkskey \space appskey

ex: 1 005 32925530 9dd315f14de8f1ca10ca93c2b15b4661 675ef75a0ab13d2ff667e1f1e74c551d
says: connect with mode 1 (ABP), send data every 5 minutes, join with devaddr:32925530 and nwkskey: 9dd315f.... and appskey:675ef75a......

In sleep mode is powerconsuption about 80 nA.


Don't worry, no problem at all, it's open source to be improved and I like it. Was more as a license reminder and mention original author and share new design :wink:

(Radek Vozák) #12

Hi @Charles,

this is our last design. We have to add more space for proper cooling of devices. There is also a lot of improvements mentioned before (overvoltage protection etc.). After it will be ready I will post a link to your solution. How I said it was usefull - but not really solution for our problem.

Regards. R

(Jezd) #13

Is this new board available?

(Jezd) #14

Why the runtime on a fully charged battery for the LORATECH node?

(Radek Vozák) #15

Hi @jezd not at the moment .. I think it will be ready at the end of april.
If you want one sample - send us email to info@rvtech.cz and we will do more pcs
in first delivery. Also comments to this board are helpfull and welcome!

(Radek Vozák) #16

@jezd I will post here power constuption of this node in numbers (sleep, runtime). Wait a couple of days - my colleague is on vacation and he leads development of this node. I will keep you posted.

(Radek Vozák) #17

PIR senzor on loratech eshop. Works pretty well like alarm for cottage/cabin. LoRaWAN compatible.
Also it is possible to change PIR senzor (different angles).

(Radek Vozák) #18

New Reduction Board for ISP (IMST+RPI)


looks great !

(Radek Vozák) #20

Thanks -- we tried to do the best. All "holes" for IMST and this board are exactly same size as plastic board from allubox (RF elements). So the new gateway takes about 1 hour to build (without drill).