loraWAN gateways with ethernet/wifi

(Ezeeetm) #1

Is it common for a loraWAN gateway to use ethernet and/or wifi as the backhaul network?

Here’s why I ask, to ensure I’m asking the right question: I’d like to expose an AWS Greengrass device (Raspberry pi) to lorawan devices. Assume the Greengrass device is a local (not cloud) device, on a private wifi or ethernet LAN. The lorawan gateway is on this same wifi/eth LAN.

Is something like this do-able, and normal in the LoraWAN gateway world?

devices > loraWan > loraWan gateway > local private wifi/eth > raspberry pi greengrass device on local wifi/eth

or, is there a more correct way to achieve this?

(Ezeeetm) #2

After reading some more, I think what I’m suggesting isn’t quite right.

if the network server (TTN in this case) is responsible for scheduling traffic back to the devices (via the loraWAN gateway) then the network server is a required part of the chain…unless there are gateway devices that can forward JSON over MQTT or similar to the private wifi/LAN.

I’m a little confused, hope someone can set me on the right path.

(Jac Kersing) #3

Perhaps spend a bit more reading/learning and a bit less posting questions?

(Ezeeetm) #4

@kersing I am indeed reading.

(Jac Kersing) #5

Good that means you will be able to answer your own questions as the answers are on the forum and in the documentation.

(Ezeeetm) #6

I see. I did search the forum for these answers, and don’t see this or the other question addressed in the docs. I’ll go back to searching vs. asking. I think I’m understanding your perspective (although its not mine)