LoraWan Pager project

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Yes. But PGP is possible, Blockchain also. And relatively immune to "agencies" requests to CUT the GSM network for any reason :slight_smile: Let's be paranoïd :slight_smile: Open source allows the polymorphism in the crypto methods, network architecture reorganisation. Not the GSM standards. They are PROS and CONS. I'm just discovering , I have no answers yet


so you want to run your business with home made stuff hacked together from China parts and on a breadboard.. interesting :grin:

a keyboard attached to a 'node' for sending txt messages ? no.. that's a very bad use case imho and I don't think TTN will be very happy (not that I think this idea will ever get to a working prototype)

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well not a business .. hopefully . Doing this for my pleasure
From the beginning of the idea, I'm carefull about not to go against TTN policies. this is the reason why I'm more keen on having independant lora GW prototypes.
Just discovering at the moment. Not sure we will succeed. Now it is fun to try

"The luck smiles only to prepared minds" - Louis Pasteur


sorry but I responded to Xenek.

No I fully understand that its fun to think about how to get things to work (he.. its my hobby too) but some ideas are a waste off time.. and this is an example imho , but don't listen to me :wink:

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still fighting to find a professionnal quality LCD display (dot matrix). Looks like it not that easy.
sound like pagers factory have made their own :frowning:


for a simple 'pager, that is pager A push a button, a digit is transmitted and received (lets forget how) by pager B, gives a sound and depending on the digit received it displays ' 1= call mom 2=call dad 3=dinners ready ' ect., you can do with a very small bright i2c oled

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I want this kind of display for my project. :((


what size is that ?

and if you want to control a little menu with your thumb :wink:

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I can see it working to track farm equipment, gates etc but I'd never trust the safety of a family member to LoRaWAN, just too many - fast changing - parts to go wrong. More so with some rickety cheap setup with gateways hanging at the end of microwave links.

I'd consider APRS if amateur radio license was an option, a GPS enabled transmitter is less than $100 https://www.sainsonic.com/ap510-aprs-tracker-vhf-with-gps-bluetooth-thermometer-tf-card-support-aprsdroid.html

or more likely go for Iridium ($15/month world coverage)

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77 (L) x 53 (W) x 19 (D) mm
pager's weight is 60g

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tnx . it is TFT ..... no LCD ... power consumption is big

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Where can we find the blue pcb one ?
I have the up left one, but too small for most bin fingered people


have to find it in my archives somewhere.
in fact the wheel is a rotary encoder + if you push a switch, very handy (I think it was expensive :sweat: )

found it


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Just FYI, in case it's not on your list already:

I count 8 lines of 20 characters. Assuming LoRaWAN rather than plain LoRa, SF12 allows for 51 bytes. This is roughly about a third of the number of characters, giving you a character set of about 80 glyphs. For English, that might suffice...?

(It would need 2.8 seconds air time on SF12.)

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I found a good quality one



And you will connect your gateway to the internet how?

Really, you're just moving the issue. The best and imo only way to provide resilience against 'external influence' is plausible deniability in the form of end-to-end encryption. You can do that over any network medium. Shifting the last mile from cellular to LoraWAN will not change anything, because you will still have to rely on network mediums that can't be trusted to connect your gateways to the internet, to connect your server to the internet etc. If the government wants your pager down, they'll just send a warrant to the ISP of your gateway or server.

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Encryption alone won't help much in the way of resilience if the 'external influence' can just cut your backbone network access so I think alternative network mediums are still worth investigating.

But yes maybe LoRaWAN isn't ideal because of the coordinated network server requirement. Maybe the P2P LoRa as @ccadic was saying before.

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The best , is probably to experiment and see.
I'll try. a P2P concept is oviously needed. With transcoder GW modules to interconnect to existing system.
The immunity to External Influence is not the main goal anyway, it is only a part of the project