LoraWan Pager project

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I think they should to both (more than both): and try to push the data though any available channel (freedom to restrict of course of choose a priority one). From the beginning I fear about the amount of traffic. extra-TTN is careful

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Update about the project
Almost finished the alpha version of the PCB
Now working on the case design - It'll integrate a blackberry Q10 keyboard

If everything is ok and if I have no surprises, I should have a simple POC by June. Let's cross fingers


so I think you have a schematic by now... what MCU and what LoRa(WAN) components do you use ?

  • enclosure looks ok :sunglasses:

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ESP32 RFM95 and RFM69 (2 chips) DOG128x64-6 LCD (+ a Samsung like speaker, a Samsung compatible vibration motor, a i2S digital microphone). Yes , they are not Lorawan certified. For the purists, I'll make a LoPy version.
A lot of buggy code to correct at the moment. I hope I have a showable demo before the summer.


carefull, some of those vibrationmotors can use 100-110 mA and without a switching transistor you blowup GPIO port :wink:

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I put a 2N2222 :slight_smile:

My beta test PCB is finished. I'm sending to PCB factory.

This version is one with no keyboard (only a joystick)
Until the first pcbs come from the factory
I will have to to work on the keyboard version.


where's the ESP32 ?

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Look closer :)))) On backside

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ah.. looks like a nodemcu :slight_smile:

still don't understand your design with that rf uart e45-ttl-100 .. how in earth do you connect that to TTN ?

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it is a beta version. please be patient. If working I'll remove the ESP32DEBV board and make something smaller

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No on the 2nd model. I'll add a RFM95 and RFM69 probably. One for DATA, the other for Direct Voice communication

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Still some work to do.
I made a single board with SMD components to be able to have something much smaller. We will remove the esp32dev board.

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ESP 32 with LORA chip and 18650 battery


Quick progress on this topic :slight_smile:

Did you see Sonnet project ?

They don't provide many technical information, but prototype's photo show a RFM95, specifications says Chirp Spread Spectrum and 148db sensitivity, and comments adds a "137 to 1020mhz". So they seems to use a SX1276.... with a 30dbm amplifier (a bit illegal on these frequencies) !


I am convinced they won't get acces to the TTN network (or any other)

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I'm just thinking of making is smaller with a SPI chip SX1276 . This will make it compatible with TTN , Loriot and else.
I'm not pleased with the size of the 18650 battery (2 batteries can be added + a connector for a 3rd.). I'm seriously thinking about walking back to a small 1200 mAh lipo.


consider :


26350 2000 mAh Li-ion