LoraWan Pager project

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Thnx so much . exactly what I was looking for


diy 26350 charger :rofl:

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As always: be extremely careful with Li-Ion batteries bought from dubious sources. Not six months ago I bought some 18650 branded Ultrafire that were giving me a voltage of 3.8V... when fully charged. I've never figured out what they were, exactly, but they sure weren't Li-Ion cells!

Otherwise, why not using LiPo flat cells? your PCB looks one-sided, so you could stack them on the back. Just don't stick a knife through those...

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Seems it is hard to find a SMD battery holder for this model :)))
I will have to design mine, I'm afraid


you bought the worst battery's ever made .. ultrafire :sunglasses:


yes true, been there
I've looked at this solution

those 26350 are excellent quality, but for a production I would contact the factory, can you still buy them next year ?

[ this is my favo lipo dealer ]

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hardware is finished.
I am waiting for the pcbs to finish software.
9cmx10cm size


thats a much cheaper keyboard solution :sunglasses:

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well, to be honest, much more expensive.
but dealing with the BlackBerry Q10 keyboard connectors is a nightmare


ah ok, I thought that blackberry keyboard was very expensive.
complicated project... how's the firmware going ?

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q10 bb kb are only 4 USD but the hirose 28 pin nano connector is awfull.
firmware is the one of ESP32 dev board.
I have mst of thel the functions in C done.
just need to assemble the puzzle's pièces.

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solderings in progress...

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looking good ! :sunglasses:

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Hi, is there any update on this project? There is an agricultural use case for this here in Ireland. Thanks. Albert.

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Yes. Still working hard on the project
Solving issues one by one…
More on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/690526901150811/

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What’s the status today? Remembering 5 months later?

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I’ve been a bit silent about my project of lorawan pager project
I recently had holidays with time to go further.

Using a touche screen as keyboard for messaging


Finally you did it with touch screen which is great! Buttons sucks )


you can folow his FB group