Lorrier LR2 – new outdoor Gateway on the market

(Martin Tucek) #1

We are offering new outdoor LoRa Gateway for 868MHz band: Lorrier LR2.


  • Mikrotik Routerboard inside
  • IP65 protection
  • 8 simultaneous channels
  • Open Source architecture
  • Price under 900EUR
  • Ansible central management
  • Sensitivity: -138dBm
  • Output Power: 20 dBm
  • Power: POE
  • Dimensions: 300 x 225 x 50 mm

See our website at https://lorrier.com


Looks good - finally an outdoor gateway penetrating the "hobby" market that is not based on a tupperware box :wink:

Just out of curiosity: What about CE marking and R&TTE approval ?
On the website there is a nice picture of a mount with a GP901C antenna. This antenna had 5-8 dBi gain. How do you manage the max. +14/+20 dBm ERP output of the system?

(Martin Tucek) #3

Hello Rob,

thanks! We believe this product is valuable contribution to the market.

Of course it has CE marking and the declarations of conformity which are consistent with the European law. The 20 dBm is the maximum value which can be radiated by the transmitter, but the nominal radiated transmit output power is 14 dBm which is also defined as default value in LoRaWAN specification.

(Martin Tucek) #4

LR2 User Configuration Environment

We prepare new feature implemented in LR2 - the User configuration environment. It will allow the user to simple set up all the necessary parameters of this gateway through the web interface. It will be useful particularly for the initial set up. In the first release there will be next options:

  • Packet forwarder choice = TTN Basic Packet Forwarder / TTN Poly Packet Forwarder / Loriot.io Packet Forwarder

  • Network Server / Servers definition

  • Gateway ID choice = Automatic / Manual

Configuration Environment is supposed to be ready within 14 days.


'carrier grade gateway for building professional IoT netwwork ' .. so its not aimed at the 'hobby' market, but it set's a new price level which is always good :sunglasses:


when do think.. you ready with 915Mhz?


Not yet shamry, 915MHz version is not prepared yet.


We are happy to announce our Configuraton Environment is ready now. There are some screenshots for consultation:



Today the great DISCOUNT starts! This offer is time limited and valid until October 31. During this promotion the price of LR2 is EUR 575.


Here's an official guide to connect the Lorrier LR2 gateway to The Things Network (thanks to @fokkezb for documenting this) - https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/current/lorrier/

(Ralf) #12

Can anybody link to suitable antennas?


sure.. here :wink:

(Ralf) #14

Haha! Sorry... how about this one? http://www.sequoia.co.uk/product.php?id=2025


I don't know these, the price however is ok
But I would prefer an antenna 'tuned' for one band.. for 868 Mhz