Making SIngle Channel Gateway Work with TTNv3


I am trying to configure a SparkFun LoRa Gateway 1-ch (ESP32). The problem is they are not connecting with any TTNV3 application end devices.

I am using the example code from the hook-up guide (SparkFun LoRa Gateway 1-Channel Hookup Guide - for gateway and using another SparkFun Pro RF device for LoRa transmission using the LMIC library.

Are there any special configurations that I am missing?

For setting the TTNv3 end device I am using the following manual settings:

  • LoRaWAN Version: MAC V1.0.2
  • Regional Parameters Version: PHY V1.0.2 REV B
  • Frequency Plan: United States 902-928 MHz, FSB 2 (used by TTN)
  • Activation Mode: ABP
  • Additional LoRaWAN Class Capability: None (Class A only)

Are any problems in my settings or any known issues with the TTNV3 message transfer? I know ideally ch-1 gateways does not support TTN. However, they were working on 2019 without any problems while I last used them.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Yes, the one that says do not connect these monstrocities to TTN. SCPF & DCPF’s are NOT supported on TTN. They are disruptive to the network and other users. FORUMITES PLEASE USE SEARCH BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS THAT HAVE COME UP HUNDREDS OF TIMES BEFORE…this is getting tedious!

More importantly TTN does not support them! And if you know this why are you wasting our time asking the question and risking disrupting other users?

No they were crippling the network even then, even as they partially worked for some users - whilst killing the network for others but ‘I’m alright Jack’! They had been depricated long before 2019, sadly like chewing gum on your shoes they tend to hang around longer than is desirable…

In 1879 people used to drive vehicles with a man slowly walking in front waving a flag…it worked but not very effectively… its not how we do stuff today. SCPF’s = not how we do stuff today! Please go get a LoRaWAN GW (Min full 8 channel support) then we are happy to debug node implemetation, right now you are fighting with one hand tied behind you back and with your shoe laces tied together… :wink: (And the shoes sticking to the pavement/sidewalk due to all that chewing gum!)