Mikrotik R11e-LoRa8EU & wAP LoRa8 kit

Now officially announced in their monthly newsletter

I have now placed a preorder for mine with MSDist so I can do some initial testing once it’s available.


The docs refer to using the mobile app for those using Mac’s

There is a version of Winbox compiled with Wine that works on a Mac here


I have used it without issue.

Use at your own risk as not distributed directly from Mikrotik themselves.

And it works with 3rd party cards :slight_smile:Annotation%202019-09-26%20120316 Annotation%202019-09-26%20120316_1

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Very nice,
Has all the traffic passed to TTN ok…?

Yeah, it’s passed traffic to TTN. Was super simple to setup though I don’t see any way to make changes to the channels in RouterOS. Right now I have it running on a 962UiGS-5HacT2HnT in a USB to mPCIe adapter. I have another router that has a mPCIe slot but couldn’t get it to work in that one. I suspect it more of an issue with the mPCIe slot.

I’ve picked up other nodes but not mine. Digging more looks like only sub-band 1 is loaded in RouterOS, where TTN uses sub-band 2 in the US. Need to figure out how to get the other channels loaded.

Some input from me on this:
setup was really easy and straight forward with router.eu.thethings.network
There are some packets that are picket up but doesn’t get to TTN gateway console, but still tying understand it. Same thing happens to other GW, that is no MikroTik.
On MikroTik side all traffic shows up, haven’t seen any misfires.

I’m seeing the samething. The main issue i’m having is all my nodes are US sub-band 2 whereas RouterOS is sub-band 1 only. So it looks like the ones i’m seeing are either “private” or noise. I need to reflash some of my LoRa test nodes to sub-band 1 to check really well. Overall very promising.

where did you buy the gateway?


Using a different RouterBoard (962UiGS-5HacT2HnT) and 3rd party concentrator (https://www.n-fuse.co/devices/LoRaWAN-Concentrator-Card-mini-PCIe.html) card at the moment.


For US915, just found how to get the channels moved to the correct sub-band. Have to change the both radios center frequency to the correct frequency for that sub-band and now getting data from my motes.

Mikrotik Wiki entry listing all the settings


Another supplier listing

EuroDK has a Mikrotik section entry for it, but, no products listed as yet.


LinITX also have the wAP loRa8 on backorder for around December.

Mikrotik have officially listed Lora (though the package was already in the testing branch) support in latest Beta OS release.

Mikrotik does not currently have the wAP LoRa8 kit in stock. The estimated time for availability is December 21st.

hi, thanks for this information

We have an office where we currently use a 4g mifi type router as it’s difficult to get a phone line in. I’m also running a TTIG there.

I’m wondering how this would fare as a 4g to Ethernet and WiFi router with Lora as a bonus on the side. Any thoughts?