Mikrotik WAp LR8 : TTN Console shows no downlinks in Gateway Traffic

I’m wondering if anybody else sees the following with his Mikrotik WAp LR8 Gateway ??

With my Mikrotik WAp LR8 the TTN Gateway Traffic view shows no downlinks , despite that the ACKs are being received by the node “26 01 47 44”
I also have other issues with the Mikrotik WAp LR8 when using a TBMS100 motion sensor.


When I run the same LoRaWan Traffic over an IMST Lite Gateway(Chirpstack Gateway OS with TTN forwarder) all traffic is displayed correctly in the TTN Gateway Traffic view and the TBMS100 works flawless.

Picture: Downlinks for “26 01 47 44” are displayed when using IMST Gateway

Note: Both Gateways have up-to-date firmware and are attached to the same WLAN AP.
Either one of the Gateways was attached to WLAN, not both at same time. Routers etc were rebooted.

  1. Your nodes are sending too frequently. Keep within the 30 seconds per node per day. If you are using confirmed uplinks you are limited to 10 ACKs a day on TTN.

  2. Too many downlinks means the gateway runs out of airtime and TTN stops scheduling downlinks to that gateway.

  3. Any gateway within radio reach of the node can be used for downlinks. The TTN backend might have chosen another gateway. Have you checked at the application traffic which gateways receive your nodes traffic? Check the RSSI and SNR of each gateway as TTN will choose the best one based on those values and available airtime.

Thanks Jac

I would have asked the same questions …

The frequent sending is just done for test purposes.
There are no other modes or gateways in reach (living in the big white spot on the map :wink: )

If this was true, then the nodes should never receive an ACK, which is issued by TTN.
The ACK shows up on the nodes OLED display and on the TTN data view of the node.
However , the ACK (downlink) will NOT show up on the TTN Gateway traffic view for the Mikrotik.
And yes, the Mikrotik is the only Gateway around.

Good thought, but there are no other gateways anywhere.
And yes I did check the receiving gateway ID in application traffic and device traffic. It is only my Mikrotik.

However, if I take the Mikrotik offline, and switch the IMST Lite online, then all behaves as expected

(Except that I’m sending too many packges, but again, I’m not affecting anybody or anything right now. So I figured this is a good time to “hammer” the system , before other gateways and nodes go online in my area. Once this happens, rest assured I’ll play nicely)

I can never think of a reason to do that - the test device on my desk is running 6 bytes every 3 minutes at DR5 and is within the FUP - it’s doing a battery recovery test so will revert to once every 15 minutes to see how the battery voltage settles.

If I really really need to see an uplink, I press a pushbutton that’s attached to it.

The map you refer to is for TTN - it tells you nothing about other networks and other users of the ISM band - we all have to share the airwaves nicely.

Please consider as we all have to work together, it’s hard to feel generous with time for those that openly flaunt the community guidelines. And perhaps the local legal limits.

Thanks Nick,

to not affect anybody I always checked for LoRaWan transmissions with my chirpstack Gateway (gateway OS) . And when I said “white map” I was referring to the Google map.
But yes, point taken.
Will be testing the devices within allowable limits.

Still, the issue I described persists.

It’s not just LoRaWAN we share the airwaves with, there is LoRa and other ISM applications with other modulations.

It’s just appropriate to talk in public about breaking FUP or legal limits. So let’s not.

Cant tell from your posted images but its very easy to accidentally trigger the traffic filters at the top of the listing, are you sure that for the Mikrotik you havent accidentally turned off showing downlinks whereas for other GW’s it is showing all traffic?


On V2 console when turned off will turn from blue to black/dark grey text which might get missed!

Am forever doing that myself and with my poor old eyes… :blush:

Thanks Jeff, but no, no traffic filters are/were activated.