Moving from BLE to LoRa(WAN): Some questions please

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Hello, my first post and my first attemp to move to Lora(WAN)…

During last years We have been playing with BLE in rder to colect data but using gateways in order to extend the coverage area (due to short range of BLE in the presence of walls)

We have some projects running in the field and everything is ok…

But now there is LoRa(WAN) and We would like to give it a try and probably adopt it to our projects mainly because, in all our deployed systems it would be possible to
remove all middle BLE gateways and have just LoRa end nodes and one central gateway (private network)

So, We would like to make a prototype and show that prototype to our existing customers and new ones.
Once LoRa(Wan) hardware is more expensive than BLE, We would like to start just implementing the first prototype just to evaluate distance, so We dont need lots of nodes communicating to one gateway but just one node communicating to another one (P2P) or gateway (Star) .

So We have several questions:

For that first prototype, We are thinking to by The things Network hardware due to its (low) price.
(Note: although thinking just in a prototype, if prototype hardware could be used for market, great!)

  1. Is The Things Node a ready to market node (CE certified for europe and FCC certified for USA)? We can not find the seals or documents proving this…

  2. Is it possible to use two The things Nodes in order to implement a P2P connection in order to evaluate distance? Can one of them receive data and forward it to near laptop( e.g USB connection)? If not must we use and acquire a Gateway also?

  3. Is the Things Gateway ready to market (CE and FCC certified)?

Thanks a lot


this is the TTN forum, we don’t support LoRa node to LoRA node questions.

for that specific 'job use google.
there is a difference between LoRa and LoRaWAN.

to learn more about The Things Network and LoRaWAN see LEARN

* depending on your use case you can use 2 things uno node and one things gateway to proto type.
for a better advice you could supply more details about your specific use case.

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“we don’t support LoRa node to LoRA node questions.”
Questions or data flows?

So, I need to acquired at least a TTN node and the TTN gateway, right?
Are these device certified? Ready to market?


you could… you also could build a LoRaWAN node yourself and even build a gateway
please use search on this forum first :wink:

  • if you only need a few nodes, that don’t transmit very often but you like the long distance from lora, you can use these types of modules and don’t need the things network.


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