mPCIe LoRaWAN Gateway Card

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Any word on when this Embit module will be available for sale @nestorayuso ? A v2 card is definitely more desirable.

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Is there a good solution for connecting a miniPCIe gateway card like the n-fuse to a Raspberry Pi?

As the RPi has no PCI bus there do not appear to be regular mPCIe shields/etc. Some miniPCIe cards appear to be USB using the standard miniPCIe USB wiring but some also have UART wiring. I found the shield online that uses an external USB cable as the RPi USB is not presented on the 40-pin expansion header. Does anyone know if this shield will work between an RPi and a miniPCIe gateway card?

Thanks for any information.

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You are right, the SixFab Shield should work with our LRWCCx-MPCIe LoRaWAN Mini PCIe Card. We tested it already with an external Mini PCIe to USB adaptor with enclosure like this. We also consider creating carrier boards for popular platforms like the RPi but this is not decided yet.

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Hi @Vanthome, thanks for the information. That external mPCIe enclosure is a better solution and I can buy it on Amazon for a lower price than via Aliexpress! It also means that I should be able to use an RPi zero and connect/power everything via a small industrial USB hub with 7-24V which also solves the “up the tower” power challenge.

I note that the n-fuse website is listing it as available in Q3 2018. If there’s any early availability then I’m happy to test and write up a full howto to go on github or the TTN forum/website.

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This thread will be the first where I will inform about availability. Would be great if you would write a TTN story about it.
Connection to a USB Hub we have not tried yet but an industrial grade one should be able to provide the 500mA steadily.

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MiniPCIe card inside Gemtek WLRGFM-100 Indoor Femto Gateway

TTIG : The Things Indoor Gateway
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Coowl, this looks like a second ref design based transceiver, what did the complete WLRGFM-100 cost you? I couldn’t really find a price on the web.

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Unfortunately this card is not mPCIe compatible. It uses a supply voltage of 5V, which is not in mPCIe spec. It just uses mPCIe/mSATA/M.2 formfactor. But is not useable in a standard mPCIe slot.

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The last one is Miromico FMLR PCIE-GW-868 LBT

with listen before talk, so reference design 2

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I am compiling a list of “mPCIe” cards with availability and compatibility:

I’ll try to keep it updated whenever a new card surfaces and will add experiences with them as soon as they are available.


betatesters -

(Nestor Ayuso) #55 LoRa gateway DataSheet_v1.2.pdf


would it fit in here

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Does RAK833 support LBT?

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Does LBT is quite important now for Gateway? That need increase the cost of hardware. Any insight? look forward to get your valuable comments

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Not important. It is only necessary for KR920-923 region for Korea

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So that’s important in Korea then! :wink: Guess everything is relative :slight_smile:

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5V card so not mPCIe compatible.