MQTT Subscripiton to "root"

Hi all

Is there a way to subscribe to “root” in V3, meaning, its ok when you subscribe to a application_id and assign an “mqtt publishing (integration)”, but we want to monitor the applications one level up…

ie: is there a login/pass that will give us access to this?



Hi @LMSystems, I have no idea what you mean by “root” in MQTT. MQTT uses topics to subscribe at different levels. The topic “#” will give you everything that is available for a particular MQTT login username and password.

The documentation is at

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Hi yes, but think of it as “root” structure then

Appliction wize, not a problem, but we want do subscibe to top application/s plural to be able to get somtheng like

thethings/v3/#… application1,2,3,4,5 plural, not per application wich is the default path via login/pass
ie: to monitior all devices regardless of application

Cannot find any way of doing this
i mean, if we use telemetry, you naturally would like to be able to monitor everything aswell as sub structures

I know we are talking about topics, but how to acces the topic above the application, thats what i call “root”, sorry i´m just an old c-programmer



Hi @LMSystems, you cannot find a way of doing this because there isn’t a way of doing this. The “v3” topic is the top-level topic [ie your “root”] for a specific MQTT username/password.

With multiple applications, you will need to run an MQTT subscriber per application and then merge the data in your own post-MQTT processing.

Your alternative is to add all your devices to a single LoRaWAN application and then sort out the data in your own post-MQTT processing - or run some kind of Frankenstein payload decoder that deals with all the device types.

Hi Tim, yeah

Thats to bad, well if there was to be created a hirachy structure for applications then at least we could have that structure integrated…per “main” customer…

Is there some other way of obtaining this info other then mqtt?- thinking about app-server etc…

Life is a waiting game - right :slight_smile:

Anyway, atleast now we know, thanks for the answer



Hi again @LMSystems, all the information you need about other integrations is at:

I disagree with your “that’s too bad…” comment. After 35+ years in industrial automation in Oil & Gas, I think that TTI’s v3 application and MQTT structure of LoRaWAN is “that’s just right…”.

Hi again Tim

it´s of course a matter of opinion, and clear is that we have similar experiences and age regarding telemetry.
Now V3 is a fine system, but from a surveillence perspective i would like to have access to all data simultainusly…
If one has 1000 applications, then you need 1000 individual subscriptions