Multitech Gateway TTN Packet forwarded question

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Hi @kersing

I have been working with the packet forwarded to TTN for while as you know and have recently changed the config on the conduit to act as a local gateway to a private network while providing OTAA to nodes from the gateway. the problem is when i used the same code on TTN i use to receive all my payload packets when expected EU868 band. now on the coduit i recieve a packet every 30 minutes if im lucky. I have looked into the issues with the Lmic library but that never effected me while using TTN as it did others. can you maybe explain or take a guess what you do with the packet forwarding script on the conduit that would otherwise cause this issues ? below is my server config file.

7:23:33:728|INFO| LoRa Network Server started, version 1.0.26
7:23:33:737|INFO| Loaded default global_conf.json from /var/config/lora/
7:23:33:751|TRACE| Generating Network Id...
7:23:33:752|TRACE| Generating Network Key...
7:23:33:753|WARNING| Setting for beacon interval not found. Beacon is disabled.
7:23:33:754|INFO| LoRa Card AP 1: MTAC-LORA-868 MTAC-LORA-1.0
7:23:33:754|INFO| LoRa Card AP 2:
7:23:33:757|INFO| Network Server Config ---------------------
   "addressRange" : {
      "end" : "FF:FF:FF:FE",
      "start" : "00:00:00:01"
   "db" : "/var/config/lora/lora-network-server.db",
   "log" : {
      "console" : false,
      "level" : 100,
      "path" : "/var/log/lora-network-server.log",
      "syslog" : false
   "lora" : {
      "ADRStep" : 30,
      "beaconDelay" : 0,
      "beaconInterval" : 0,
      "beaconPower" : 27,
      "channelPlan" : "EU868",
      "dutyCyclePeriod" : 60,
      "eui_1" : "00:80:00:00:00:00:9A:B0",
      "frequencyAS" : 922600000,
      "frequencyBand" : "EU868",
      "frequencyEU" : 867500000,
      "frequencyKR" : 922900000,
      "frequencySubBand" : 7,
      "joinByteOrder" : "LSB",
      "joinDelay" : 5,
      "maxDatarate" : 5,
      "maxDatarateEU" : 5,
      "maxDatarateUS" : 4,
      "maxTxPower" : 14,
      "minDatarate" : 0,
      "minDatarateEU" : 0,
      "minDatarateUS" : 0,
      "netID" : "010203",
      "rx1DatarateOffset" : 0,
      "rx1Delay" : 1,
      "rx2Datarate" : 7,
      "rx2Frequency" : 869525000
   "mqtt" : {
      "enabled" : true


Are you using the same packet forwarder you were using for TTN? Or did you revert to the stock one?
What packet forwarder configs are you using? Are you by any chance running two forwarders at the same time?

(Rustie0125) #3

No I reset the unit so using the stock one


Are you setting any of the frequencies or parameters manually in your code? For instance I notice the posted config lists RX2 datarate to be 7 where TTN uses DR3. That is not a value used for uplinks, but there might be another setting that does result in the behaviour you are observing.

(Lorawan2017) #5

Hi kersing,

I want to filter out the traffic on the Multitech gateway which's configured as packet forwarder using my own nodejs script.
Do you have any idea how I can achieve this smoothly?

If there's any interface to access the received uplink packets, kindly just inform me about it.


Using TTN to send Downlink Messages

If you are using public TTN as back-end there is no access to uplink packets on the gateway. For private installations of the TTN software I can't help you, ask The Things Industries about consulting.