Multitech GW Connection to server failed


I’m installing my fourth multitech conduit gateway (MTCDT-247A
Firmware1.6.4) after this tutorial and there are problems:

nc -v 1883
Warning: Inverse name lookup failed for `’ [] 1883 open

Description (from TTN): Gateway from IBBD.AT
Frequency plan (from TTN): EU_863_870

Is the information correct?

  1. Yes
  2. No
    #? 1
    Installing TTN Multi Protocol Packet Forwarder
    Installing mp-packet-forwarder (3.0.21) on root.
    Configuring mp-packet-forwarder.
    Configuring useradd.
    Get up-to-date TTN configuration for packet forwarder
    Starting ttn-packet-forwarder: OK
    The installation is now complete.
    Check the gateway output using:
    tail -f /var/log/lora-pkt-fwd.log
    (It might take some minutes for the first output to appear!)
    Check the gateways last seen status in the TTN console after
    a few minutes to verify the setup is working correctly
    admin@mtcdt:~# ^C
    admin@mtcdt:~# tail -f /var/log/lora-pkt-fwd.log
    18:03:36 INFO: Statusstream data is enabled
    18:03:36 INFO: Beacon is disabled
    18:03:36 INFO: Packet logger is disabled
    18:03:36 INFO: Flush output after statistic is disabled
    18:03:36 INFO: Flush after each line of output is disabled
    18:03:36 INFO: Watchdog is disabled
    18:03:36 INFO: Contact email configured to “xxx”
    18:03:36 INFO: Description configured to “Gateway from IBBD.AT”
    18:03:36 INFO: [Transports] Initializing protocol for 1 servers
    18:03:39 ERROR: [TTN] Connection to server “” failed, retry in 30 seconds

That error occurs when the credentials entered are not correct and when there is no network connectivity. As you tested the second cause that means the first must apply.

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thanks, it was a typing error in the registration