Multitech TTH Gateway - Monitor packets?

(Pete) #1

New Multitech gateway coming online here in Holland Michigan!!

We are looking to monitor packets from all nodes just to see how things are working.

Is that possible? What's the best way to do that.


If you just want to check if traffic is flowing, use tcpdump on the MultiTech (UDP port 1700). If you want more information, check the forum on how to connect to (start here)

(Prime Mover) #3

Hello, I am trying to do the same thing here. Looking to develop a LoRaWAN product and before I connect it to a TTN backend I need to conduct range tests using MultiTech gateway and end nodes. So is there a way to monitor the TX/RX traffic locally on the gateway itself?


Nodes will only be able to send data with (semi) valid back-end credentials stored in them. If you do not connect to a back-end you will need to use ABP as OTAA required communication between the node and a back-end.

If I'm not mistaken if you are running an unmodified MultiTech image with the original packet forwarder there should be data logged in /var/log//lora-pkt-fwd.log. If not check which ports the local software is using (probably UDP 1700 or 1680) using netstat and use tcpdump to check for traffic from the packet forwarder.

(Prime Mover) #5

Thank you. I am yet to procure the devices from MultiTech so needed to know if this could be done before I purchase them.