My device does not update

(Battery World Rozelle) #1

Hi I have setup a Victron LoRaWAN module in Sydney (Rozelle), Australia, and it is connected. I can see it at under the ID 70b3d5499d8e2bea, but it does not update - just the one reading whenever there’s a new connection. I understand it should update every hour, but now it’s been three hours since the last connection, with just the initial reading.

I am wondering if I can check the gateway somehow? There is no application defined at, but if I remember correctly when I do define one the node disappears from victron web site.

How can I tell which gateway it is connected to?

Are there web pages that list the status/health/characteristics of particular gateways?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pete


Hi Pete,

I think you’ve asked this in the wrong place… this is the TTN network
For support on your ‘victron’ perhaps its better to ask there .