Natural disaster EWS

Hello all!

We wanted to ask the experience of TTN regarding experience with natural disaster management specifically in relation to monitoring for avalanches and mud slides.

Thus far we have 2 scenarios which we’ve been asked to address:
1- at risk villages which require an alarm / alert / early warning related to mud slides resulting from ground instability during or after periods of heavy rains and;
2 - avalanches in relation to public roads in general, and one road specifically which is an access road to a mine site. In these cases perhaps not so much an alarm system but triggering road barriers or road notices (public roads) and for the mine access road some sort of signalling to vehicles travelling in the road.

If anyone has experience in this and would be interested in developing and implementing solutions together especially on TTN please let us know. Each year there are several mudslides in our region which cause loss of life and property and avalanches also are a risk but much more localized.


sensors useful in the monitoring of landslides are:

  1. Strain Gauges
  2. Distometers
  3. Jointmeters
  4. Inclinometers
  5. Piezometers

So how do you test ? if lives depend on this technology you can’t develop and create a test environment in your garden / hobby room imho :sunglasses:

Several Universities around the world do research regarding mud/landslides , if you’re serious contact a few to start, The LoRaWAN part is not that complicated, you can buy / find that ‘off the shelf’.

how do you measure this ?
one solution I have seen are long thin fiber wires … if they break or distort a signal … bingo but
that solution is probably to expensive for every litlle village road.

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