NetVox R311A & RB11E decoders


I have the PIR and contact sensor from NetVox but I can’t seem to find any decoder for TTN and when I ask the supplier they just provide the hex document with no decoder. Has anyone made these for TTN and willing to share?

Many thanks

Hi @icepicknz, I don’t have the same Netvox models as you but extracting from the payload is very simple. The following decoder snippet gets the battery volts and motion counter from a Netvox R311FB:

decoded.batteryV = Number(((bytes[3]) / 10).toFixed(1));
decoded.motion_count = (bytes[4] << 24 | bytes[5] << 16 | bytes[6] << 8 | bytes[7]);

I have no idea how you worked that out…
Now I need to figure out the rest

I got the following output:

  "batteryV": 3.6,
  "motion_count": 148701189

An amazing thanks to this guy!

After @cultsdotelecomatgmai suggestion, I managed to find this

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