Network coverage problem

We want to install a LoraWAN card, but the problem is that we are in Saint-Jean de Maurienne, 73300 France.
And we don’t know if The Things Network is covered where we are.
If you have more information about the coverage of the network where we are, we are listening to you!
Thank you

The Things Network Map should identify gateways in your area;

Yes we saw this map but we would like to know the range of an antenna to know if we could connect to the proximity antennas taking into account that we are in the mountains.

You could also be the first to place your own gateway at your own location. This is also the starting point of “TheThingsNetwork”
After this, you can use your own node’s in a controlled manner.
What do you need a TTIG and an internet (WiFI) connection.
The costs should not be if you start developing LoraWan Node’s.

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All right, we’ll think about it.
Thank you for your help.