New account help

Greetings. I created a new account, but I am embarrassed to admit that I entered an invalid email address. Because of this, I can’t verify the email address, and thus I can’t login and fix the error.

I created this second account as a temporary solution, but I’d really like to recover the original account as it has my preferred userid. If there are any admins that would be willing to help this I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

None of the Forum volunteers have such account access - you might try posting to the TTN Slack under #support channel where TTI core staff are more likely to pick up your request…

Is this because you want a different user id?

Thank you Jeff, I’ll give the Slack a try.

Nick, yes I’d like to use the userid that I originally selected. I know it sounds silly… and it’s not the end of the world if I can’t recover that id, but I figure it’d be worth trying since the account exists, but I can’t get to the profile screen since it is in this unverified-email state.

Appreciate the fast replies, and the work you guys do for the community. I’ll take it to Slack from here. Thank you both.