New Dragino LGT-92 - LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

(Pat Molloy) #1

I can see this thing making join requests, but never being acknowledged and therefore not getting payloads from the device. What have I done wrong? Where to look? … other devices fine so not a gateway/network issue as far as I can tell … this is an OTAA join.



there is a new manual with the ’ correct TTN payload format ’ and howto register


entering the TTN keys in the device with AT commands like this


(Pat Molloy) #5

Thanks, yes - have all that. The issue is that it’s not completing the OTAA join – per the screenshot.


Note that clicking a Join Request in TTN Console will show you the details of all gateways that received the request, including their RSSI and SNR.

(Pat Molloy) #7

Thanks. As it happens there are a bunch of Gateways visible (mostly mine!) … Have not seen this particular problem, with other end nodes (and I have played with a lot of them now!)

Will check out this advice.

(Spp2107) #8

Hi this is Sam . I am planning to setup a LoRAWAN tracking system for my research at my University for my team and was wondering that do we need LG308 and LG92 both ? Also how many LG92 can a single LG308 support at a time ? I would like to use the dragino trackers in USA so how do I change the frequency on LG92 to support US network on LG308 ? Hoping for your response

(Hshafiq99) #9

I have a problem with this too. I am using LG02 gateway and LGT 92 tracker with frequency US915. I am recieving hex data but it is not showing up on TTN although the gateway is showing at TTN and whenever i enter a valid AT command to the GPS Tracker it shows AT_ERROR which is a generic error. I just type AT and it shows Error. It is also running some cde itself again and again.



Can you check if the keys are correct? There should be a Join Accept message followed by Join Request.


Update Time period is acquire GPS fixing. In this period device can’t accept AT commands.

(Hshafiq99) #12

okay so it gave some output today on its own when i booted the device and it took one AT command but again it started GPS NO fix issueCapture

(Hshafiq99) #13

And after all of this it showed some garbage outputCapture

(Ud Lo Ra) #14

I bought a couple of LGT-92 for some testing. The first impression is very good: good price/quality ratio. I have two questions:

  • at which cutoff threshold is set the battery? I have one of them running with the default application (GPS packets around ~ 3 minutes) since 11 days, showing around 3.67V in the last packets, and I wonder how much it will last.
  • I see the antenna is marked as 868-915. Do you have some more detail about it?