New gateway from Laird: Sentrius RG1XX

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Comes with WI-FI / Bluetooth / Ethernet

Also coming is the Sentrius RG1xx-M2 Concentrator Card, a pluggable M2.COM LoRaWAN gateway adapter that works with any Linux platform.

Production units for both the RG1xx and RG1xx-M2 will be available starting in June 2017.

Essen, Germany
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any price indication ?

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Looks nice,
Mayby a bit of a random question but whats the point of having bluetooth on a gateway?
Can’t really think of a case where it would be usefull.

(Jose Marcelino) #4

You can use it for setting up (configuration) and as a gateway for Bluetooth sensors.

…and a few other things :slight_smile:

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Interesting to see Laird submitting patches to the Linux kernel to support this:

(and from TTN forum member @BWhitten no less! :slight_smile:

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Sales guy said it’ll cost at least half of multitech, we’ll see…


Looks like it is going to be around € 269,70 :blush: (excluding VAT)


wow, and default support for TTN ?

  • oh it’s ’ pending ’


We have one in our office now and it seems to be working fine as a ‘Legacy’ Packet Forwarder. Please let me know if you need more information. We will be selling them as a B2B distributor in the EU.


sure… minimal the price and delivery time/costs :wink:
preferably in this topic

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Seems RG186 is available per direct, €245,- ex vat. Works out of the box with TTN. Anyone has experience?

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Yes there was a great post about it recently, maybe the moderators can move it to this topic?

I ordered one, but cannot find a supplier who can deliver it to the UK before mid September.

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EBV did send me an email, telling the units are on stock…


Just received the Sentrius today, Easy to set up, does not have bluetooth yet, no need for it anyway.

Have registered it on TTN a few hours ago, how long does it take to show up on the network??

Here in Toronto the cost was $355 Canadian.

(Jose Marcelino) #15

Maybe there’s some misunderstanding at EBV to me they said their units were arriving on the Sept 5.

I’ll check again tomorrow, thanks.


I got last one at our Canadian distributor. When you get yours it runs the Semtech UDP packet forwarder protocol.

I updated the firmware thinking it might update to the new TTN forwarder and it did not.


Easy to set up and get going. Interface is really easy. I think that the plastic case is not that great.

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Lora Gateway TTN Test : Laird Sentrius

This week we received our first Laird Sentrius Lora Gateway at the office. Time for a first test to replace our RasPi based TTN gateway that frequently stalls. (Probably due to the SD-card unreliability).
As true Hardware-freaks we first opened the case to take a look inside :slight_smile:

The Sentrius board is a quite simple setup, containing a base board with power and Ethernet interface, stacked with just 2 modules: A Linux-Based Wifi/bluetooth module (WB50NBT) with Atmel Cortex-A5, combined with a Lora-M2 module (RG186-M2). This is the concentrator-card containing the famous Semtech SX1301 and SX1257 radio chips. Three antennas are connected via u.fl-connectors to the external casing.
The Sentrius supports Dualband Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 (BT and classic), LoraWan and Ethernet, and comes with full packet forwarder software with a set of defaults for well-known LoraWan Network providers, (including TTN - The Things Network).

Out of the box, the gateway is connected via the Ethernet port to your internet-available network. Like common gateways and routers, the GUI interface works via an HTTP connection. Setting up the gateway for TTN is a matter of 10-15 minutes using the presets. In advanced mode its possible to tune the gateway for other networks – public or private. With additional development on the linux-platform, it should be possible to add multi-packet forwarders for any type of network – this is to be continued.

The gateway is now 24/7 operational, and it’s worth mentioning that the system is not running very hot (what we saw with our RasPi solution with a MultiTech concentrator it would burn your fingers!)

Gateway costs a 245Eu and the M2-concentrator module only will be available well below 100Eu by end-Q3.
Interest? – drop me a mail


[quote=“javos65, post:18, topic:6077, full:true”]Gateway costs a 245Eu and the M2-concentrator module only will be available well below 100Eu by end-Q3.
Interest? – drop me a mail
So €245 for a (as of 11/07) certified gateway with wifi and ethernet, available now? That will rough some feathers up :speak_no_evil: .

Digi-Key had 10 units in stock at €250 a piece, but these apparently sold out immediately. They now show 16 weeks lead time. Mouser prices them at €224, but also with 9 weeks lead time.

(Jose Marcelino) #20

Tthe 10 units are still at Digikey, but you can’t buy them if you’re logged in from Europe because they haven’t received the necessary export paperwork from Laird yet. I was in touch with them but August is that dreaded month when nothing seems to happen no matter how hard you try :slight_smile:

Yes feathers will be definitely be roughed up, not only is the base cost very interesting but I know understand that if you say order enough RM186 modules (and I’m not talking thousands here) Laird may even supply a gateway as a development kit free of charge.