New gateway from Laird: Sentrius RG1XX

(Jac Kersing) #62

Interesting. TTN ‘discontinued’ theirs so I’m wondering if they are referring to my MP forwarder. If so we’re working on the same thing… (and I won’t mind if they contact me)



It appears the problem with the Laird gateway I have is the ethernet port - intermittent.

Disabled WIFI now no connection at all.

Tried a factory reset per the manual and no go - I just bought this a couple weeks ago.

Looks like I will have to contact Laird.

(Jac Kersing) #64

I’ve got the MP forwarder running on the RG186. Once I’d build the toolchain compiling the actual MP forwarder (with dependencies) took just an hour. Enabled ssh to copy the binaries. moved them in place and the software ran on the second try (forgot to reset the concentrator on the first try)

Now I need to find a way to make this available. Just providing the compiled binaries will not work as there is no (easy) way to get them on the gateway. May-be Laird has a solution??

(Jose Marcelino) #65

I think they did mean the MP forwarder and it’s coming on the next firmware release - from the phrasing used I’d imagine it’s already being tested but would be great to have official confirmation :slight_smile:


This gateway looks amazing for the price, @karl-nl would you mind provide link by end of September when it will be restock ? Just to be sure I don’t miss out :wink:


Hi Charles,

9 pieces on stock right now. You can contact EBV France in Antony or Lyon.

One of the two will cover your region.



Looks like I have to send my Sentrius back and have them look at it. I wish I could just get an exchange as I imagine this will take a while. So good price but support delays.

(Bradnz) #70

Bit off topic from the above, but Im interested is looking at these gateways to implement in a developing economy, so price is definately a consideration. They will be outside, and exposed. I am keen to get an understanding of what we can do to achieve this with these gateways. I have found an article that shows the Conduit installed inside a IP67 rated box, so Im assuming that you could do the same with this device?

Was hoping to do a similar thing, but concerned about impacts of loss with an external antennae. Bit of a noob here, so would appreciate your feedback if you think this is possible with this device.


yes indeed and I will remove it later, if you are a ‘noob’ as you said yourself, why trying to build a complicated piece of hardware … just buy an outdoor gateway, there are many.

(Bradnz) #72

thanks I tried to see where I could start a new topic, but couldnt see - perhaps Im blind, Ill take another look :slight_smile:


Any more feedback on the use of the RG186 from those that have bought one?
I’m thinking long term reliability, usability and software ease of use, features?

(Don Hege) #74

I’m also interested in more feedback. I also need to make my mind up about getting one. :wink:

(Jac Kersing) #76

The gateway is easy to configure and get working out of the box. Very stable during the few weeks I’ve been running it. Closed platform which means you are unable to change the software which might be good for some some and not so good for others. (There are ways to get access to the gateway if you really want to, like I did to test MP forwarder, but that involves a lot of work and potentially bricks the unit)

Short: if you want a hassle free gateway that just works, go for it. If you want to tinker with the gateway, you need another brand.

(Vseta) #77

LTE apparently isn’t coming until March - July 2018.

(Don Hege) #78

Sounds OK for me. I just want it to work. So I ordered one and will report how easy is to set up as a noob. :slight_smile:


The gateway is very straight forward to work with. And the quick start guide explains in great detail how to connect it to TTN.

(Don Hege) #80

Got the gateway yesterday. It was really easy to set up and showed up on the map within minutes.

After a couple of hours working properly, it suddenly disappeared from the map.I’ll have to check if this has something to do with the gateway or with the backhaul (WiFi in my case, the signal might be too weak).

(athtest800) #81

What is the power consumption of this Laird Gateway?

(Don Hege) #82

I measured 2,5 - 2,7 Watts when in idle and connected to the Internet through WiFi. This is measured including the power supply which comes with the gateway.

(Adolfo Brandao) #83

Dear all,

Mostly @jmarcelino, I bought this gateway from Laird, the Sentrius RG191, and I need access to the embedded linux to develop a local application because in my project, there will be cases where there is not a dedicated Internet access.

Unfortunately, Laird support told me it is not possible. However, I can see from some posts in this thread that it is indeed possible by plugging to the miniPCI port inside the gateway. I just could not completely understand the process.

Do I need a miniPCI - USB cable? After I connect to my computer can I access the linux via Putty? The target hostname will be rg1xx followed by the last 3 bytes from the mac address? How do I discover the username and password? This linux is able to host any Java / C++ / Node.js / Python application?

I know I should have asked all these before buying the gateway, but I was not smart enough to do that. Very naive…

Sorry for so many questions! Any help is welcome. Thanks!

Best regards!