New gateway from Laird: Sentrius RG1XX


I’ve got one but I have major issues with WiFi, after some days, WiFi stop working (and WiFi LED is off) and need to reboot the GW to get back access.
I plugged ethernet yesterday to see if it’s better.
I’ve done all updates and still have the issue, WiFi is not stable on my side (and I have lot of device connected to my WiFi without any problem).
Any user use WiFi without problem on this GW ?


Wohh the outdoor version is coming, I would expect a nice price like the indoor version, missed !!


(Dx2) #135

How do you enter the u-boot shell ? The method from the WB50NBT manual to repeatedly press Return during boot does not work.

(Jac Kersing) #136

Not. Laird protected the gateways against tampering (==replacing the original firmware)

(Jeff Uk) #137

Interestingly/annoyingly the new Warrington WA4 gw above is on wifi link and after a couple of days gw dropped offline. Thought it might have been solar panel, battery or home brew low voltage power adapter/relay isolator having problem…based on your wifi issue call out had local power reset done and sure enough now back on line…will have to watch for another drop off. I usually try to avoid wifi and stick to wireline enet where I can. Have many Lairds deployed/in test but this is 1st have seen show this problem.

(Jeff Uk) #138

Was reset by local site host Friday, dropped off-line again sometime overnight Sunday/early Monday :frowning: Humm… seems to last just under 2 days before failing…will to wait and investigate/substitute in a couple of weeks when next in N.West…

@BWhitten is there a known or suspected issue with Wi-Fi stability? (See @Charles experience also above…have also seen a couple of other references to Wi-Fi issues through google…). This one looks to be my 1st ‘problem child’!

(Don Hege) #139

My Sentrius gateway is also connected through WiFi and never loses the connection, so for me the WiFi stability is excellent!

(Jeff Uk) #140

Have always found the Lairds to be good and stable though most of mine and others I know are on Enet, other wifi deployments have been great so am hoping it might just be a rogue unit…


Anyone with Wi-Fi stability issues, I urge you to contact our official support that way we can collect cases, find similarities and determine where the problem may lie.

@Jeff-UK In your case as you are operating the regulator very close to the line was it the symptom we had discussed previously?

(Jeff Uk) #142

Hi Ben, don’t believe so…I added an extra ~0.75V margin to get clear of any potential brown-out protection issues, & now monitor local low voltage feed for good stable voltage before then feeding GW with a faster rising edge by switching supply in through a relay after short delay which seems to work consistently for power up & resets. I will investigate further on next trip to N.West (will switch to a replacement board) but as its a >350mile round trip and not due up there for a couple of weeks will be a while before I get more feedback, hence asking if there were any known issues :wink:

I’ve part built a duplicate solar powered/outdoor set that I will test further to see if I can replicate issue before I go up. Wifi on all other boards (e.g. WA1 site) and the duplicate looks good so far… :slight_smile:

Will investigate further before I raise through support channels just in case its something I’ve done/not done

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I am trying to configure RG191 with The Things Network.
I see two issues.

  1. I don’t see simulated messages from Application/devices being forwarded to Gateway traffic.
  2. BLE indicator on my Gateway is not showing any sign of life

Does anyone else face these issues?

(Jbkiwi) #144

Here in N.Z the RG191 costs NZ$430 while the outdoor version will be NZ$1546 which is outrageous.

I just moved an RG191 into a metal enclosure, added an N-type pigtail, 1 metre antenna cable and a L-Com HG908U-PRO antenna and the upgrade cost me NZ$250.


Recommended outdoor commercial gateways
(Adam Jp) #145

Ha I did the same thing when I saw the price difference also, it was a nice surprise to see the ufl connectors when I took it apart :smiley: Nice work, looking flash!

(Jbkiwi) #146

I have the WiFi disabled, but just in case it’s ever enabled, I decided to leave a simple 1/4 wave antenna attached. I just sacrificed the U.FL to RP-SMA pigtails to make them and stripped the coax shield off for ~31mm

(Jeff Uk) #147

Did something similar - and set up a low voltage PoE feed - but careful angling of the board in housing allowed me to keep the Wi-Fi components as supplied as immediate option vs just wireline Enet :slight_smile:
GW is mounted on a ~10m mast with head end/GW upgrade from internal Laird supplied unit to external IP6x rated system costing <£100 in materials…power feed is from a mast base mounted Battery/Solar controller/Enet tap (for GW management/config without having to bring GW down or for backhaul connection if not on Wi-Fi) with external solar panel. Total cost for power source update materials approx £90-£95.

(Jbkiwi) #148

Nice one! The weather held off today for me to deploy my first RG191 gateway out into the field. Antenna is a L-com 8dBi omni.

I haven’t fully tested it out yet, but I ran TTN Mapper on the way home and got all the way home (14Km line of sight) and was still getting packets through.



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We just got our Sentrius RG186 as well! We were really excited - however upon trying to login with the default username and password… access was denied - we reseted the gateway - tried again - still same that the username and password are not correct ! (sentrius RG1xx)

(we tried from different browsers and computers … as well!)

Any suggestions? or is it the only ones we have this problem ?

thank you!

After resetting CORRECTLY - we managed to login with the default username and password

(Miot) #151

Is it possible to configure RG1XX to operate in the IN865 ISM band ( for eg., supporting the mandatory 3 channels 865.0625, 865.4025 and 865.985 etc) ?

It is unclear for me from the user guide at Laird’s website if this is possible.

Thank you.

(Danny Boyle) #152

Remember!!! When you connect via wi-fi always unplug the Ethernet cable…