New here.. in search for a FT2232H RAK Module

Hi Folks,

Allow me to introduce my selves, I’m Robert living in The Netherlands and employed at a major Open Source Cloud Software company. As such I fiddle around with stuff in my personal time as well and recently bought a RAK831 on our local ebay called Marktplaats.

My RAK831 gateway is working (I think) but all tied up with ducttape.

However, the kit seems incomplete as it’s missing the FT2232H HAT so I wonder if someone has one in spare wanting it to sell to me.

Appreciate your reply,


FT2232H interfaces are deprecated, you’re really better off with direct SPI.

Since the PI has SPI there’s really no reason to use a laggy USB-SPI bridge.

@cslorabox thanks for the reply, the reason I’m searching for the FT is to enable the GPS module as my current setup (with the SPI interfacing) has issues with getting the GPS receiver to work (# no valid GPS coordinates available yet).


Is the GPS connected to serial and have you configured the right serial in the configuration? GPS also needs PPS connected to the concentrator. (And of course a GPS antenna that has clear view of the sky, not inside a building somewhere)

@kersing Hi Jac, thanks for the reply.

I have my GPS receiver connected to the RAK831 directly using the u.FL connection on the board. There are no other wires running back to the Raspberry 3B+ (other then the ones needed to get the functionality to work)

There should be a connection from the gps to a serial port (also on the 40 pin header of the RPi) for the GPS to work. Depending on the interface board (which should have the god fitted) between the RPi and the RAK831 there might be some jumpers you need to install.

@kersing I’m reading about pin 5 in the hardware spec of the RAK dealing with GPSModuleLDO:EnablePin. Now trying to figure out where this pin is connecting to (I guess to the PI)