New RAK7246 Gateway not connecting to TTN (Sydney)

Hi all,

I’ve picked up a RAK7246 and seem to have set things up right on it. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve got the gateway connected to my wifi at home, and have registered it on TTN in the Console section.

However, when I check there, it shows as disconnected. I’m not sure where to start looking to troubleshoot next. I’ve attached some screenshots if it’s any help.

Which firmware version on the gw? IIRC some RAK gws had older settings pre configured that would point to TTN V2 and need updating to use V3….grab new firmware or go into global/local json configured and change e.g. server address from say to…… basically as you see set up in V3 console. If on UDP packet forwarder Port should already be set at 1700…… if on BasicStation you need to update security and authentication settings at both ends to match.


Bloody brilliant Jeff!

Seems to have been exactly the problem, even though I apparently had the most recent version of the firmware installed. Removed all of the previous stuff and as soon as it reconnected to my wifi, popped up in the TTN.


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