Newbie not understand TTN

Hi Guys,
I’m a very confused newbie RE TTN. Right now I have a working pair of Arduino Featherwings, and I send a packet of data back and forth (woot, the basics of LoRa!)

Now here is the question - I want to really get started with TTN, and I can’t find the documentation (must be looking in the wrong places

How do I send data via the network? I assume I have to sign up. My existing product(s) send data (JSON) via the LAN to MQTT (by default for our customers
Anyone have a good example?

Read all of:
The devices section of:
The gateways section of:
The network section of:
The applications and API sections of:

Convert your Feather to being LoRaWAN:

with some cross-referencing to:

(use as appropriate for your board)

Find out where your nearest gateways are: - map half way down the home page - this will show you coverage for active gateways that have been mapped

You can ask questions at any point, but don’t try to read too much in to too much detail, just let it ride, some pieces will fall in to place as you read more & do more.

In an ideal world you have access to a gateways logs for any debugging, but the Feather M0 is a first class citizen in the Arduino LoRaWAN node world. Best current library for it is:

Do NOT under any circumstances make your first test anything other than the ABP example. Many people try to build their v42 secret design before they have even wobbled once down the road on their new reverse steering unicycle. Don’t be that person.


Thank you - EXACTLY what I was looking for

I heard that! Just because a unicycle is my main means of transit…

In all seriousness, the feather LoRa setup is a primary supported platform for MCCI’s repo. It needs one jumper wire to work.

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