No frames in TTN Applications

Today, when I was debugging, I found that there are no frames in the TTN application, but the gateway shows data.

The problem is as follows:
The gateway has data transfer, but the application does not display anything.

Gateway data is still encrypted, so you don’t really know what it means unless you externally decrypt it.

The traffic you are seeing on the gateway

  • might not be from any of your nodes. The device address is in cleartext so for ABP (or if you know the current address for OTAA) you can figure out what node it is from

  • might not have a legal fCnt, for example if the node has been reset its frames would be rejected as the fCnt would have appeared to roll back to 0

  • might not have a valid MIC, either because of fCnt wrapping problems, wrong keys, or corruption during the radio stage

  • or the servers could be having issues

Thank you for your reply:
The traffic on the gateway is from my own node, because the Dev addr is the same.
%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%871 %E5%9B%BE%E7%89%872

That Device EUI Network Session Key and App Session Key dont look correct

What type of node is it?

Where you provided with any of these credentials?

If you can program these credentials on the node - you can get TTN to generate some and then program them into your node


Thank you for your reply:
I re-generated the ABP’s network key and application key, but still can’t, the application still did not upload data frames.

How close is the node to the Gateway ?

If your sending that SF12 packet every 20 seconds, you will reach the daily fair access limit in around 9 minutes.

Once you regenerate those keys, if you haven’t done so, those then need to be programmed into your device

Which device are you using?

Thank you for your reply.
The terminal device is only about half a meter away from the gateway.

Thank you for your reply。
This device is based on the S78S chip design, but the device still uploads data normally a few days ago, I don’t understand why this state suddenly appears.

Move it away from the Gateway then.

The signals are so strong is seems to be receiving the same packet on several frequencies at once.

Thank you for your reply.
Can you please talk about the specific steps and the operation process in detail?

Sorry, I could not produce a list of the specific steps on how to move your node away from the your Gateway, I have no knowledge of the locations of the Gateway or node.



frequency 470.7 ?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, my gateway only supports 470MHz frequencies.