No gateway/appliation data in console

As of 7:45 this morning i do not see any data from several gateways and all my applications in the TTN console anymore. MQTT seems to work still

Hi @sweetpants1, same here. DON’T PANIC.

Looks like the recurrence of a previous fault where the console shows gateways as offline when, in fact, they are operating normally.

Added: It’s only my legacy UDP forwarder gateways that are affected.

Hello, how to know wether our gateway is normally operated? Mine shows connected but there is no change in data trafic column? im seeking for help thank you

Do you see data in your application?

Nope.Im using Dragino LG-308 for my gateway and Dragino LT-33222-L for my end nodes.

Then i conclude none of the gateways in your neighborhood receive the packets so probably it is a node problem. I am not familiar with the LT-33222-L I/O Controller. Do you see any errors on the serial connection?