NODE B-L072Z-LPWAN1 - what libraries

I am facing a problem of connecting NODE B-L072Z-LPWAN1 with Gateway(Rasberry pi 3B+ and ic880a ). how can i connect this two devices through TTN?
i already connects my gateway with TTN. But the main problem is that my node isnt connects with the gateway.I am using ARDUINO software as a program dumper . What are the libraries i have to install please suggest me

please use search first :sunglasses:

and see the documentation pages 'nodes don’t connect to gateways (like wifi)

yes i know . i m trying to see the data on TTN which is sense by my sensor by using the Gateway. so what are the libraries i have to install in my arduino software?

Ah we must guess what sensor(s) you use… interesting.

maybe this can help you

thank you for the suggestion sir.
i am using ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) connected with the node and i wanna see the output on ttn through the gateway.

show us some code you’ve written or things you tried yourself, some screenshots of your console ect., and problems you’ve encountered, don’t expect that someone spend a lot of time to code everything for you.

I just need procedure for how to connect devices with TTN through gateway by using arduino software.