Node based around Feather M0 Lora

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Hi Guys,

Currently trying to design a node around a Feather M0 Lora. The idea is to include energy harvesting (BQ25504) and an ~2900mAh LiIon onboard battery which should be plenty for most environments. I added 4 Grove connecters for easy connectivity to the large array of sensors out there and the possibility to cut power to the Grove connectors when in power save mode.

Just wondering if there is any interest or thoughts on this? I have included a screen grab to get an idea on size (dimensions in mm). Mounting holes will be added etc ....


mounting holes for the mainboard :wink:

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Yeah, thats fairly easy once I get the rest sorted :slight_smile:

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Well got one mounted today. Will hook it up to the bench and check if everything seems to be working :slight_smile: I always gulp when I get to this stage wondering what I may have messed up.


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And here it is fully assembled. I need to continue testing it but so fas so good.