Options for simulated devices? combine data from IP and Lorowan

I’m just starting off with Lorawan for a simple agriculture related project testing and logging soil moisture with various soil approaches. I’ve purchased the new indoor gateway and will be trying out a Pycom LoPy4 and a wide range of I2C sensors. I’m not sold on the Pycom device and am flexible on iterating to other devices when it makes sense.

In planning some potential architectures I’m looking for options to combine device types and protocols into the same back end. In other words I’d like to combine lorawan node data with data sent over http and have it look the same. I might have Lorawan reporting from the field and http from an indoor lab where there is plenty of ethernet connectivity and perhaps more interest is greater amounts of data that might be recommended for Lorawan nodes.

I’ve searched and read various threads, but my search-fu is letting me down so I’m posting now. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how best to mesh various device types (not at any great volume) on TTN so that TTN from a data perspective treats a simulated or http device more or less the same from a data perspective as a Lorawan node?

Thanks for your time.

In other words I’d like to combine lorawan node data with data sent over http and have it look the same.

You should do that at the level of where your application consumes data from TTN.

This non-LoRaWAN non-TTN data should not pass through TTN itself.

So for example, you could set up another private MQTT broker for your external data sources, and have something subscribe to both that and TTN.

What it comes down to is that at some point you have a “combining” merging too feeds, and you make your other custom one have the same kind of format and semantics as your application data feed from TTN.

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Thanks for the reply. Do you have any thoughts on some quick and simple solutions that can get me some influx/grafana type charts and maybe a mobile client? Lets say i want to be able to visualize 20 separate nodes with 4 measurements each. 10 Lorawan and 10 whatever. They all send the same data types.

Again, I’m just starting out. I’m a software developer, but I’m looking for as many off the shelf building blocks as possible. I had assumes that TTN has some application building capacity for consuming the data. I’ve seen Cayenne, but haven’t yet dug far enough to know if a TTN>Cayenne integration gets me closer to what I might need. The desire is to avoid having to build an service on aws and then a mobile client or such if I can avoid it. Just looking for advice or tips and appreciate anything that can save me time. There is a lot of info out there, but seemingly a lack of some quick starts for some more common use cases for Lorawan and IoT. Not that I can’t figure it out with time, but sure appreciate any wisdom passed down.