OTAA with single channel gateway

Hi All,

I am new to use the LoRa implementation,

I am trying to implement OTAA communication using LoRa Nexus Board from Ideetron https://webshop.ideetron.nl/Nexus, currently I use the LG01 single channel Gateway http://www.dragino.com/products/lora/item/119-lg01-s.html.

I found problem that I cannot get the information sent from end-device. as stated in some forums that the DEVEUI and APPEUI should be configured differently at ttn?.

I found in github, https://github.com/dragino/Arduino-Profile-Examples/blob/master/libraries/Dragino/examples/LoRa/LoRaWAN/LoRaWAN_OTAA that seems using lmic for dragino board for the OTAA, could I use this lmic for LG01?

Is there an example somewhere of using a single channel gateway especially LG01 with OTAA?

Thank you for any help

I believe LG01 is only capable of receiving packets? For OTAA you need a gateway capable of transmitting as well.

Maybe I’m wrong and there is a solution available but half a year ago when I tested LG01 it was RX only. Also note that LG01 in my tests had huge delays of many seconds when receiving which caused problems in deduplication if the packets are received by other gateways as well.


I’m having exactly the same problem. I’m working with the one-channel LG01 gateway using B-L072Z-LRWAN1 - Discovery Kit from STM.

And OTAA not working, anyone can confirm LG01 is only a receiver (RX)??

Thanks you very much.

Hello all.
I am new in Lora Network.
I am using LG01-P gateway, with a node in OTAA communication too.
Until now I recieved one message when i forced the node to connected to the gateway. After that, nothings appeared …
I do not know how to maintained connexion, or recieve anymore messages from the node.

This is my results :


Hi! I have a question, How do you force end node to transmite to gateway?

That depends on the node.

Apart from the threat of dripping Nitric Acid on to the MCU’s plastic case which thus far as totally failed for me, mostly it’s going to be about code and possibly external stimuli.

What do you mean by ‘force’?

And what node & gateway do you have - we do not support Single Channel Packet Forwarders here if that’s what caused you to post in this thread.

it was a question for the answer given by info6service (the last question). i have same question about the meaning of “forced”, because he said that gateway received at least one message before failing.

I was trying to send data from ldds75 to ttn trough lg01…

If you have a pushbutton, you can write code to check if it’s pushed and then issue a command to send.

However, @rolo, you appear to be using a Single Channel Packet Forwarder, a NOT-gateway that we do not support and ask you to disconnect from TTN as it is highly disruptive to the network.