OUTAGE - Any idea's why my gateway is not "seen"anymore

(Smitae) #21

Yeahhhh. :grinning:

Well some data missing in my databasesimage

(Jimgi) #22

Yes, all is well with the world once again!
Gateway online at approx 4:00 UK time. Approx 12 hours out.
Does anyone know what the problem was?

(Puppa) #23

Same in USA 915. Running thru router eu… . Five nodes passing all data …

(Am4 I) #24

The Things Network Status is OK for yesterday.
No OTA connexion possible during about 12 Hours on 2 Gateways with a valid internet connexion.
What was the problem ?

(Jeff Uk) #25

Is there another outage? Cant see anything on status page but looks like I have several GW’s around the country off line around High Wycome, Nottingham, Warrington, Wendover, Windsor, etc… mix of service providers - some DSL & some cellular back-haul so assuming not a ISP issue…

(Koeke) #26

Same over here in Belgium two gateways running one on wemos - 1 channel and another one Imst + Pi - both out for more then 6 h now.

(Jezd) #27

All ok here

(Cpaumelle) #28

I have 4 gateways set up in the UK and 3 out of 4 are showing “not connected” on the Things Network console even though the data from the end nodes is still being picked up as usual by these gateways, so it seems to be a problem with the status rather than the service itself (thankfully!).


(Jeff Uk) #29

It looks like another big monitoring outage as we are down around 200 out of usual approx 520-540 in Uk and globally looks like around 1500-1700 out of around 6500-6700.

I didnt see any root cause announced for the loss the other day…dont know if this is a repeat or different.

(Pa2 Rdk) #30

Same problem in Zoetermeer The Netherlands, 2 gateway not seen by TTN for 18 hours now. Different brands and different locaties. Gateways both forward packages so seem to work fine. A third gateway is still reported online.

(bluesensing) #32

back again in Berlin

(Jeff Uk) #33

Looks like mine mostly up again where expected. Do we know why/what happened? Same problem as a couple of days back? Prevention measures going forward? Not sure if there is a clue in types of GW’s offline as noticed they were primarily eui-xxxxx variants (legacy pkt fwdrs?) vs named e.g. gs3_ttn_xxxx kershing or TTN pkt fwdr. TTN GW stayed up, several laird & RPi builds (eui… ) were down.

(Jac Kersing) #34

If this only concerns the displayed gateway status I would rather have the TTN team spend their time on V3 to allow it to be deployed on the public network sooner…

(Jeff Uk) #35

I guess your right but frustrating to find it down twice in short time…and just driven 200+ miles tonight to commission a new GW site and repair/upgrade another tomorrow…at risk may not be able to see the gateways to check operation if it went down again tomorrow! It would then be a case of a bird in the hand is worth v3 in a bush ! :slight_smile:

(Jac Kersing) #36

@Jeff-UK If I doubt the on-line status I use ttnctl to check the last seen date, that seems to suffer less issues. I also use this to monitor my gateways with Nagios.

Attached the nagios check script I’m using:
check_ttn_gateway.txt (500 Bytes)

(Arjan) #37

The TTN Mapper app to the rescue? Seeing a node’s uplink on the map in that app implies that the gateway received it, forwarded it, and that the MQTT client in the app received it.

(Mark D) #38

I thought I had a problem with just my own TTN gateway until I saw this thread. But it does seem like my GW does not always start up properly, it appears to enter a reboot loop roughly half the time it is powered up.

Right now it seems to be powered up just fine, but it does not show up as active on this map, it’s red. (you have to click on “+” twice to see my GW, it’s in red near 'East York" )


Does anyone have an idea what would cause that? my node is seen by TTNMapper…

(Afremont) #39

My last seen time was 3 days ago. Nothing wrong in my gateway logs other than the push/pull data suddenly not being acknowledged. Rebooted gateway and all seems to be fine now. :frowning: My gateway had been up 48 days as of today, so it stopped working after 45 days. Seems to me that the gateway should be able to detect a problem and renegotiate its connection with the backend automatically, rather than me having to babysit it. :confused:


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