Own? Gateway? The Things Indoor Gateway(TTIG)

I own this kind of Gateway.
But wonder why I see often that I don’t own a getaway.

Did you register the gateway in the TTN console? And is it listed as active?

Yes it registered. In the console and active. I took two screen shots at same time.
chrome chrome

Important is the status connected. How many gateways you own depends afaik what privacy settings you made. If you set you gateway to be not public you of course don’t own one in the public status.

On console page for a known active GW that you own go to Settings -top right, Privacy - left hand menu and check the box to make public. For GW’s I own and most that are for clients unless they request otherwise I always leave all three boxes - public status, show location and show owner ticked so that they appear on the maps, have clear identity for contact if people find problems and to generally make available to the network. :slight_smile:

OK I will do this thanks.
OK now I have one👍