Own "The Things Stack" server uplink and downlink ports

I have gateway thats correctly working with The Things Network.
It’s kerlink wirnet iStation.
To have it connectiont to TTN I had to setup server IP to: and uplink and downlink port to 1700
Now I’ve created own instance of server using docker container.
I’ve added new gateway using gateway-id and gateway-EUI.
I’ve setup server IP to my own.
AND There is no information about setting up port!!

I see that 1700 is closed. But I have couple of 188x ports. I’ve tryed every one and station still shows disconnected status.

Do I have to install something else to have this magic 1700 port open and receiving connections?


If you deployed The Things Stack by following the getting started guide (https://thethingsstack.io/v3.6.0/guides/getting-started/), port 1700 should be open.

You may also want to check the guide for connecting a Kerlink Wirnet iStation to The Things Stack (https://thethingsstack.io/v3.6.0/guides/connecting-gateways/kerlinkwirnetistation/)

NOTE: The links above point to the documentation of The Things Stack v3.6.0, which is the latest version at time of writing (13 March 2020). Future readers may want to check for newer versions of the documentation.

Thank you for documentation. Yes I have seen it before and I’ve been using it to install server and configure gateway.

With gateway configuration I was afraid that when I change API key using script provided I will brake what is currently working very well: connection to The Things Network.

Second thing is that when i have registered gateway on The Things Network I didn’t had to change any api keys. I have just provided device EUI, device ID, server ip and port 1700. But my server running from docker doesn’t open 1700 port :confused:

$ nmap -p 1-60000

Starting Nmap 7.60 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2020-03-13 15:05 CET
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.00011s latency).
Not shown: 59985 closed ports
22/tcp open ssh
80/tcp open http
443/tcp open https
1881/tcp open ibm-mqseries2
1882/tcp open ecsqdmn
1883/tcp open mqtt
1884/tcp open idmaps
1885/tcp open vrtstrapserver
1887/tcp open filex-lport
8881/tcp open galaxy4d
8882/tcp open unknown
8883/tcp open secure-mqtt
8884/tcp open unknown
8885/tcp open unknown
8887/tcp open unknown

That’s why I’m confused. I thought that I need to install additional software to have 1700 port waiting for connections.

Second thing. After changing gateway configuration I have used reboot commant. I think that it wasn’t correct. I should disconnect whole gateway from power and wait fot it to shut down. I have noticed that yesterday after I wanted to restore communication with TTN using original config. It didn’t work after reboot.

Today I’m testing connection again and I think I have connections from gateway in logs but I’m receiving wrong device EUI. Last 4 bytes are set to FFFFFFFF instead of correct eui. First bytes are correct. But I think I’m on good path to make it working :slight_smile:

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