PI + IMST does more than a million packets!

Just sharing a little milestone. Hope you don’t mind. My Pi + IMST based gateway has rolled past 1,000,000 packets today.

Been running for around 18 months with no problems. The only changes I made were to add a cron job to reboot the pi every Monday morning at 04:00 hours to allow OS updates to be installed, and I added a ramdisk file system and mounted it over the log file directories. This has completely solved the SD card wear problems that are well known.






Rasberry Pi 2 + RAK831:
RPi2   RAK831

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Wow!!! Way to go!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

congrats to your stable gateway – can you explain some more detailed this to me ? – i am running an experimental gateway too – rpi based with ch2i and imst board – i think 2 sd cards crashed already during uptime of 2 years …

Hi Jens,

Yes sure, no problem. What I did was use the tmpfs system. This is a RAM file system and is very easy to use indeed. tmpfs ‘shadows’ real directories on your drive/card, and intercepts reads and writes, so instead of the read or write going to the SD card, it goes to the RAM file system instead and the SD card is not accessed at all.

All I did was edit the file /etc/fstab to ‘overlay’ the tmpfs file system on top of the log directories. Like, this, my gaetway has been up continuously since approximately October 2019 with no problems. I also set my gateway to reboot every Monday morning at 04:00. Why? Because the tmpfs file system is using RAM and if a process is writing a lot of stuff to the log directories, it could fill up the RAM. However, I can not see any evidence of this ever happening so maybe it is not required at all. Today is Wednesday and my machine has been up since 04:00 on Monday and looks very healthy indeed:

Screenshot from 2020-05-06 08-43-42

In the /etc/fstab file I simply added two lines (use sudo nano /etc/fstab to edit the file)

Screenshot from 2020-05-06 08-47-07

It’s the last two lines that make the difference. There are some additional directories that you can add to the configuration, but I have just added /tmp and /var/log as you can see. Note: You need to reboot your machine after editing fstab.

There is a very good article (that also suggests other directories) here. Hope this helps.




wouuhu !! thanks Mark ! – i will implement this in my experimental gateway first and if its running without any trouble mybe transfer this to our community ! thanks once again.

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You’re very welcome! Best of luck with your project :+1: