Poor Nodes when the Gateway is not working

Yesterday when I want to look at the gateway log I found there many nodes wants to join the network, from noon to now, the poor devices are still trying to join, all the devices have the same joinEUI but different DevEUI, seems like the gateway or LNS are not working as expected, and the poor nodes are making endless trials for join :rofl: Maybe the nodes are deployed in a company or appartment nearby.

Base on my understanding the gateway will pickup all the public Lorawan signals and send to TTN LNS, if the node is not belong to TTN, whether this node’s data will be displayed in TTN console?

Also bear in mind your gateway have a duty cycle, once that is reached it will stop sending downlinks, if it is enforced.

As Dev & JoinEUI’s are sent unencrypted it is not private data, so redacting them was pointless, particularly as we now can’t look up the EUI’s to see what the manufacturer may be.

The gateway console shows what the gateway hears. If there is a match for join parameters, then it will appear in the application. If it didn’t show these joins, we’d not be able to debug failed joins for devices we have got registered.

Most likely is that the LNS is offline or the owner has their account suspended.

Thank you for your answer. it seems there many Lora devices near me, my gateway can receive more than 1k meassage per night, I am wondering if I can make a fortune if I start HNT mining :rofl: :rofl:

If the devices are on Helium that would get you a paltry sum per uplink, don’t know if they pay for joins.

If you tell us EUI’s we may be able to figure out what the device is and then you may be able to do something about it - although it’s not that bad overall.