Potential threat blocked - enumerating WebHooks

Currently if I try to Add Webhook I get a long selection of available webhook templates…


However, one of those appears to be upsetting MalwareBytes:

This is hopefully a false positive. But on the other hand…

UPDATE: DevTools reveals the culprit web site

And precisely which one is upsetting your virus checker - because this is both helpful and seriously unhelpful with a touch of scaremongering without what seems to be entirely obvious additional information that you already have.

The template that is causing a flag for me is:

The code is trying to load a png (which may or may not be an image, either way MalwareBytes is blocking)


I get this every time:


Thanks for the detail.

A quick bit of investigation reveals that the company based in Slovenia uses a server in Amsterdam run by “Hosting Technology Ltd” which is owned by the same company that provided the domain registration - VDSina.ru.

RTP is for streaming media and isn’t usually related to static images. The Widgelix website based on WordPress doesn’t seem to be an issue to the usual website black lists.

There are a rash of entries in Google search for Malwarebytes RTP detection false positives, so it may simply be that, although the Russian connection may also be triggering something as well.