Pre order The Things UNO


And product agency Tweetonig and we have been very busy with our final research for The Things Gateway, Uno and Node.

The launch of the Kickstarter campaign will be in the first week of October and you will be the first to know when we launch! We are very curious about what you think and we are still looking for backers that want to give feedback at our campaign. So if you want to help out. Let me know by replying to this mail.

More good news for the curious backers from product agency Tweetonig! The Things Uno is available for pre-order!

We have space for a limited group of beta testers of the Things Network Uno. Our Arduino Uno compatible LoRaWAN development board. We now have a final v1 version of the board, complete with a Microchip LoraWAN module, that we offer for sale to a limited group (you!). Together we can finalize the Arduino library and test these in real life experience.

If you want some of these boards, send a mail to and let him know how many you want. We sell them for 35 euros a piece. They will take orders till Thursday, after that they will start ordering all the parts for the small scale production run.

Hope to have you informed sufficiently about our progress and what to expect. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

(Patrick) #2

Are these boards functional in US/FCC regions?
We would like to be beta testers . . .


(John Tillema) #3



These BETA boards will be 868mhz (eu) only. But with full CE and FCC approval.

During the kickstarter we will offer them in 868, 433 and 910 mhz so worldwide coverage, but we do ask a little more patience.


(Patrick) #4

Great! Thanks!

(Jose Marcelino) #5

So sad to have missed it this annoucement!

Is there any chance of getting some extra boards you may have lying around? :smile:


(John Tillema) #6


We are now producing, I will let you know if there are a couple left when we shipped everything out.

(Patrick) #7

@Tweetonig We're looking forward to these (FCC compliant) Arduino boards.
We would love to beta test the US version, if possible.
(We should get our Yun today and will begin (even though its WIFI) to test relevant sketches.

Do you have any of the code available for us to take a look at?
Please let us know when/if the 868/433/910 mhz UNO will be available!


(John Tillema) #8

Hi @creatinghere

We will give you the inside look when beta releasing the UNO files first thing next week.
The developed UNO boards now are all 868, but in the kickstarter we will offer the other frequencies as well.


(Vincent Hoogsteder) #9

Very curious if there is more info on when the UNO is available for beta testing! :smile:


What LoRa chipset will these boards use ? I'm not so much interested in the Arduino boards but I am looking for an affordable LoRa chipset to use in my own projects. For now all I've been able to find are relatively expensive chips. If we want to have a real IoT we need a much cheaper LoRa chipset than that, preferably less than €1/piece.

(John Tillema) #11

@Aaargh let us know if you find any :wink:

Cheapest we could find are the hopeRF that will drop to around 5 usd in large (1000) qty's. But those module's doesn't have an MCU on board (or fcc approval).

For the BETA uno's we used Microchip RN2483 module's which we liked a lot. Easy to work with, well documented, great sourceable and relatively cheap (around 11-13 usd). That is with MCU and FCC stuff.


(Patrick) #12

@Tweetonig — The proto UNOs are 915Mhz compatible, correct? Last we checked, those for the global community are. These protos too?

(Jac Kersing) #13

Just wondering, would the creators of the chipset on ESP8266 modules be able (and interested) to build anything? Or would the licensing drive the cost to a level comparable with the other modules?

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #14

@Tweetonig - Are there any TTN UNO left or when can we expect a new badge ?

(Jurjen de Vries) #15

For those who where not able to order The Things Uno beta, you can try it out at Permanent Future Lab Utrecht (Moreelsepark 65) and The Hague. Tweetonig and I lend it to that locations.