Presentation to get Cities deciding managers motivated


Hi there,
I need to write up a small document to convince deciding people to help us in setting up gateways in strategic city places. I need to explain some basic things such as why? how it will serve them? and what benefits they'll have?

Anyone already done this kind of presentation and mind to share with us ?

Of course I will also use informations located on this post

thank you for your help.


use the words 'green' and 'smart', 'internet of things' and 'connected' as much as possible :wink:


Amazing, are you reading my mind while I'm writing or have you installed a keylogger on my computer?


Thansk anyway :wink:


Don't forget "innovation", "big data", "local economy", "competitive advantage" :smile:
"open source", "free", "win-win", "world-wide TTN community"
Sorry missed your requirement "small document" :blush:


Don't forget 'sensors helping elderly people'. And 'lower costs because street lights and waste bins ask for maintenance when needed.'

Were green and smart already mentioned? :smiley:


I almost forgot, did anyone mentioned 'start ups' yet? :sweat_smile:

But seriously.. start with googling some of your cities strategy documents. See what they are focusing on and build your story based on that subject. It may be agricultural innovation, social (healthcare or social cohesion) innovation, perhaps something with education or environment, and so on.


and about IOT wastebins


Really cool especially since it seems to be plug and play. Any clue about their price tag?


It's very clear. Words like "green", "smart", "open source", "internet of things", "connected" and more will get the city manager's attention. But I would refrain from stuff like "big data", that still has a negative impact for a lot of people (companies collecting my private information is also big data).

Do mention that the internet of things is changing our lives in a similar way television did and internet does.

It might help to mention some success stories, like water height measurement in England, the trash bin example (what about trash bins in shopping malls) . Another nice use case is the Mobilock bicycle lock (sorry, site is in Dutch only). This is a bicycle lock for rental companies. Users can reserve a bike, unlock it at their location and lock it again at the destination for another user to become available at that point.




just a word, Whooo
I didn't expect so much answers, thanks, you're just amazing :wink:

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Also check this talk about smart cities:


Remember, most of us are here because of these green/open source/free and Internet of Things words.
And of course there are a lot of techies who are just aiming for new technologies. Those guys (and gals) are the real enablers for things like the network :kissing:

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Did this result in a link to a document / presentation that can be reused?