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Wireless Module Customization Value-Added Service


Wireless Communication simply say is the Transmitter Broadcast the electrical signals to space with a radio signal and the Receiver receives the radio signal from space and changes back into electrical signals. The circuit of the wireless communication is critical to some factors, like the power supply, impedance matching(related to the efficiency of Broadcast), the capacity of resisting disturbance, ext. That’s required the Wireless Communication circuit has an independent working environment.That’s why most of the wireless communication unit work as an independent module.That’s our chance.


RF Circuit Design requires experience and expensive test equipment, we have both resources and plus the Mature supply chain.most of the wireless module in the market focus on some brands, wireless module customization will bring the benefits of the brand image for our customers, we can name the module which is compatible with the company brand. We can rename the Core chipset which can keep the secret of the solution out of competitors.

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Arduino shield for the RN2483A LoRaWAN module.

Arduino shield for the LoRa module RFM95W

Arduino pro-mini board with the RN2483A built in. It also have a LiPo battery charger.

The best Raspberry Pi hat for the LoRaWan Concentrator IC880A.

Hi @Nidaros

We sell a complete solution in our webshop:

And the free software can be found here:

Jan van Loenen



Some other commercial products, finished and ready to use:

(Don’t get me wrong, I know these guys, but I am not their sales agent)

You guys also can choice the original HopeRF kits here is the Link:

I´m selling this LoRa hat for Raspberry Pi zero.
There is an special discount code for TTN forum users.

25% discount code: TTN_Forum


We have made a RPI Zero Shield PCB.
Based on RFM95. 4 LEDS and OLED Screen

On Tindie


Mike here, from Australia. We’ve been doing some hardware development for some time now and decided to include a LoRa board, which has been just release and might interest you:

Whisper Node AVR - LoRa

A real ultra-low power LoRa development board based on the popular Atmel AVR ATMega328p - Arduino compatible. Thanks to the highly efficient MCP16251 Step-up Switching regulator, this board can be powered with little as 0.9V. In other words, you can run it on a single Alkaline Cell until the battery is totally dry.

Alternatively you could connect a 5V power supply, like an USB charger, and take advantage of the ultra-low quiescent current MCP1700 LDO regulator, capable of 250mA, providing more flexibility while developing or running hunger projects. The board also counts with a smart voltage monitor, which will automatically switch from a power supply to the battery in case of power-loss or vice-versa. Alternatively you could use a Li-Po cell and the board will decide to use the LDO or the Step-up regulator based on the cell voltage to maximize the running time on a single charge.

As standard, this board comes with a RFM95/96 LoRa Radio (Semtech SX1276), giving you long-range wireless connectivity out of the box! Finally a W25X40CL 4MBit SPI Flash is attached to the PCB, giving you plenty of storage and option for remote firmware upgrade over-the-air. You get all this running on a board that consumes around 6µA in sleep mode when powered by a 3V source, like two Alkaline cells.

The Whisper Node board is shipped with all headers (un-soldered) and external 2dBi (± 0.7 dBi) PCB antenna with a u.FL connector, matching the radio frequency. The small PCB antenna provides an excellent balance between performance and size.

Additionally the board can be easily upgraded to fit a SMA antenna connector, a temperature compensated real-time clock, a CR2032 battery holder or a high-capacity LDO, making the board a ideal as a low-power remote node or as a powerful base station.

Product Page Link:

The documentation and examples should be release soon, but I believe most of you in the forum don’t really need that :wink: - If you need it now, you can check the RFM69 documentation version, which would be very similar (



Hi wisen,

very interesting product… is in your plans a version with RN2483? since, if I’m not wrong, RFM95 is not LoRa-Alliance certified?


very nice with that extra flash memory :sunglasses:

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