Pycom LoPy gateway drops packet with "no brokers"

(Gergely Imreh) #1

Hi, I’ve set up a Pycom LoPy nanogwateway (using the latest code from here

I had some packets received, but still shows 0 transmitted. When I caught a packet in the transfer log, it shows it’s dropped, due to “no brokers”, what this might be? Is it the client’s issue, or my gateway’s setup issue? (don’t have a spare LoPy at hand to try to communicate with the gateway right now to test, so any feedback is appreciated)

(Hylke Visser) #2

The “no brokers” message means that the device address on that particular message is not handled by The Things Network because it is likely assigned to a different network. See this wiki page for the device address range assignments

(Gergely Imreh) #3

Ah, thanks for the feedback! So it means something like:

  • device is connecting to LoRaWAN
  • finds my gateway, sends message
  • gateway forwards message on the Internet to TTN
  • TTN says, this is not a device we know about, dropping

Is that more or less correct? So the ball is in the device setup’s court, right?

(Hylke Visser) #4

More or less. The device doesn’t connect to LoRaWAN or find a gateway. It just transmits and hopes that the message is picked up by someone. Gateways indeed simply forward everything (not even knowing if it’s even LoRaWAN or just plain LoRa), and the network figures out if it can handle the message.

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(Bryansmith) #5

How does one get the TTN to handle a devices like these? I have a device provisioned with abp but the gateway keeps dropping its packets. The devaddr, appskey and nwksey is hard coded so I had to override it.

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(Arjan) #6

Like already explained above, gateways should not do any filtering but just forward anything they receive.

What did you override? You cannot make TTN just handle any address you want:

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(Bryansmith) #7

I’m sorry I said gateway but it’s clearly the broker that is dropping the packets.

I did an override on the devaddr because it is set on the device but it’s a 17 prefix so from according to the link below I can’t use it.

Thanks for the clarification.

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(Arjan) #8

Indeed; 0x17 has been assigned to EveryNet in Russia, so even when roaming is in place one day in the far future, TTN might forward it but even then you won’t be able to enjoy TTN Console.

So, unfortunately you’ll need to find a way to change the DevAddr in the device.

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