Questions on The Things Network Gateway Connector

(Hoon Park) #1
  1. Questions on The Things Network Gateway Connector (described at

According to the gateway registration instruction at,
when I register a gateway, the TTN console generates a gateway key.

My questions are as follows:

(1) Once I get the gateway key, do I have to set the gateway key in a gateway configuration file somewhere?
(2) Is this gateway key sent to the TTN Network Server along with the device data packet in a JSON format?
(3) Which TTN Server component verifies if this gateway key is valid or not?
(4) The document says 'The Things Network Gateway Connector' is using MQTT, not gRpc.
Is a TTN Router component act as an MQTT server?

(Hylke Visser) #2

(1) yes
(2) it is sent when the gateway connects, not with each data packet, not in JSON
(3) the gateway-connector-bridge, which then exchanges the key for a token (JWT) that other backend components can then use to verify the gateway's identity
(4) no, that would be the gateway-connector-bridge. The TTN Router only knows gRPC

(Atrent42) #3

1) where? I can't find the config file...

Thank you

(Step Net) #4

The same question is interesting… Where to put Gateway Key?