Rak2245 : gateway id do not set

Hello everybody

I have set a rak2245 on a raspberry in order to have a ttn gateway.
It works nice except for one point :
I have change the gateway_id in the json in order to have a nice identification.
I have double checked that the json was effectively changed.

Even with this change when I go on the ttn website to watch the data flow, I see that they all come from the gateway with an identification like “0000000000fffe”.

What happens ?
how could I correct this problem ?

Thank you

What software are you running on the gateway? Because it looks like there is an error in the way it determines its unique address. Usually the MAC address of the main Ethernet port is used to base the LoRaWAN EUI on.

BTW, changing it yourself to something that might not be unique is not recommended.

I am just using the software provided by RAKwireless.
I found this morning the following point :slight_smile:
I initialy set up the gateway with an eternet connection and there everything is ok.
As I want to install the gateway in a box very close to my outdoor antenna, I switched to wifi for connection to ttn.
With wifi it gives this identification with a lot of zero.
Any help ?


Please contact RAK as there seems to be an error in their software.

it is done