RAK2245 - LoRa Concentrator modules

(Fomi) #15

I’ve just updated the Github repo to add a folder for testing GPS fuction.
You can check it.

(Jmfdiaz) #16

Has anyone tries the RAK2245 96Boards IoT Edition? With Orange Pi i96 as a possible target board…

(Digiheart) #17

Still nothing…

I even reinstalled a fresh raspbian, cloned the latest version of your repository, changed baudrate and still returning the same error.


maybe its a good idea to contact the developpers (fomi) direct (PM), you could have a broken board, seems you did everything to fix this.
my 2 cents :wink:

(Kenyu) #19

we should have some update soon. I will keep to update here

(Kenyu) #20

I would like to exchange the hardware in your hand. pls email ken.yu@rakwireless.com


@digiheart @fomi @kenyu I have the same board and same issues, unfortunately. Also on the LoRa Server forum there is somebody else with the same issue (https://forum.loraserver.io/t/raspberry-pi-rak2245-rak2243/3512) The RAK provided LoRa Gateway OS image does provide an utility which prints the NMEA output, which (in my case) prints NMEA data, but it contains corrupted bytes:

$GPTXT,01�01,00,txbuf alloc*7F
$GPTXT,01,01,00,txbuf alloc*7F


@fomi the output I’m seeing looks a lot like this issue: https://portal.u-blox.com/s/question/0D52p00008HKDtfCAH/how-to-use-i2c-to-get-the-nmea-frames

The problem is that sometimes (approximately 1 on 12 character that i read are not good), i got a non-ascii character or i am simply missing one character resulting in a bad frame.

Personally I would have prefered when the GPS was using the Raspberry Pi UART interface like the RAK831. That way no patching of the packet-forwarder would have been needed and it would not break compatibility with other GPS utilities that usually read from an UART interface.

(Fomi) #22

Hi, @brocaar @digiheart

Thanks for your advice.

I’ve discussed with team, and we decide to use uart interface for RAK2245 GPS as usual.

We’ll send you a new RAK2245 Pi Hat board which uses uart for GPS ASAP.

(Kenyu) #23

All, As Fomi mentioned, we will adjust the product strategy and use UART interface as regular model# for RAK2245 Pi Hat, But in order to support the developer who like to Add on cellular Pi Hat, we will assembly with another model# using I2C in Pilot Gateway Pro and RAK provide the workable firmware in that device. Some of the developer already purchase the RAK2245 Pi hat, they can use current firmware to start the testing at least:https://github.com/RAKWireless/RAK2245-LoRaGateway-RPi-Raspbian-OS

We will also contact with the people who have that inhand and exchange the board if they need UART interface to play. Don’t worry everybody:)

(Michael) #24

Hi @kenyu @fomi,
I would also be very happy to get my board exchanged with an UART version. Just found the time to start working on my resion.io image when I learned about the I2C connection of gps module.

Also there was a little mistake with the two included u.FL <-> SMA pigtails. It fits for the LoRa-Antenna, but for the GPS Antenna an Reverse-SMA pigtail would have been needed. Not big deal, because I had the needed parts flying arround. But I think you might want to know. See the picture I took:


Cheers and have a nice weekend!

(Drzoidberg) #25

When will new orders be fullfilled with the UART version? I’m about buy a board, but willing to wait a for the new version rather than getting an exchange.

(Drzoidberg) #26

@kenyu, @fomi,
I’d like to buy a RAK2245 Pi Hat board, but I want to be sure I get the latest UART version that was mentioned in your previous post. How can I specifically order the latest UART version?

(Fomi) #27

Hi, @drzoidberg

The new RAK2245 Pi Hat with UART version GPS will be produced today, so you can purchase it now, and we’ll send the correct RAK2245 to you ASAP this week.

(Drzoidberg) #28

@fomi, Thanks for your reply. I’ll put in my order in the next few days. Is there an associated software version number that I should use?

(Fomi) #29

@drzoidberg, Yes, my team will supply two versions software for RAK2245 Pi Hat with UART GPS this week, including SD card image and source code. One is based on LoRa Gateway OS and has some customizations for using simply, the other is based on Raspbian OS. Both of them will be open source on Github.

(Adam) #30

@fomi Great to see the changes being made so quickly to the RAK2245.

I just placed my order for a RAK2245 Pi Hat. Are all new orders now being shipped the version with UART GPS? Can’t wait to receive it!





(Fomi) #32

Hi, @cryologger
Yes, all of new orders will be shipped the UART GPS version RAK2245 surely now.
In fact, we are contacting the old order customers to exchange the UART GPS version RAK2245 for them. From now on, there is only the UART GPS version RAK2245, no I2C GPS version RAK2245! :slight_smile:

(Fomi) #34

Hi, everyone!

Please check the following list about UART GPS and I2C GPS:
image.png1508×180 79.8 KB

As you see, why we use I2C GPS for RAK7243 with LTE? Because RPi has only one UART, and it must be used for RAK2013.

About the software for them:

  1. If you only want to use LoRa gateway, please download the gateway image directly from RAK website:
    My team have prepared two version softwares for every LoRa gateway, including RAK831 + RPi, RAK2245 Pi Hat, RAK7243 without LTE, RAK7243 with LTE. Every device has two softwares, one is based on Raspbian OS, and the other is based on LoRa Gateway OS (Yocto). You can choose one of them to use directly.
  2. If you want to play the LoRa gateway, and want the source code of them, just find all the source code of them in RAK’s Github repositories:
  3. This one is used for RAK831, RAK2245 Pi Hat, and RAK7243 without LTE, and it is based on Raspbian OS:
  4. This one is used for RAK831, RAK2245 Pi Hat, and RAK7243 without LTE, and it is based on LoRa Gatewat OS:
  5. This one is used for RAK7243 with LTE, and it is based on Raspbian OS:
  6. This one is used for RAK7243 with LTE, and it is based on LoRa Gateway OS:

That’s all!
My team have worked very hard to release them during the past two month, and just release the last one of them today.
Just enjoy them. :slight_smile:


https://forum.rakwireless.com/ :sunglasses: